ISRAEL/US/UK ready to attack IRAN/China/Russia/Pakistan/Turkey on WORLD WAR 3 Standby – 1


ISRAEL / US / UK ready to attack Iran / China / Russia / Pakistan / Turkey WORLD WAR 3 Standby – 1 Courtesy: RT New World Order ( NWO ) 2012 Third floor …


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  1. MIG EXTRA says:

    Pakistan,Iran,North Korea,China and Russia should join forces and help each other with army airforce and navy that will fuck the Zionist countries.

  2. MIG EXTRA says:

    Iran is not Iraq they will fight till last drop of blood.

  3. MIG EXTRA says:

    America will find Iran worse than Vietnam war.

  4. MIG EXTRA says:

    Americans too scared of ground attacks it will use nuclear then airforce then ground force. Pussies

  5. sad poltical mindset full with shit for those who try to start wars.

    instead of planning how to minimize climate diaster. spend all resource war and not on saving the earth..

    no matter what religion they are from , they have forgot mother nature wont always be by your side.

  6. china go fuck ur Buddha

  7. Raja Danish says:

    If its will happen then its end of amarica and fucking israil i think this is just dream jahahaha nothing with out it because russia china iran and pakistan and also turkey having strong armies and i sure other europian countries will not help amarica an englind no chance hahahaha i can just lought on this because its impossable to win aganist these country amarica will must end may tottly destroid if its happen and amarican know about it much batter love pakistan and there ally

  8. zubin jan says:

    uk 'll never join israel as they know israel is poison snake

  9. norka dyrne says:

    US IsraHELL UK ready to attack Turkey stupid fuck get you shit on the right spot, Turkey is part of NATO so the US will never attack a Nato member

  10. dil shah says:

    Pakistan will put Israel to HELL soon.

  11. Why you try to confuse ppl out with these ancient news nowadays with Russia ISIS situation? Be serious!!

  12. Didn't Russia just drop 5 cruise missiles on Iran? I'm just saying…..

  13. This woman is suffering from severe menopausal dementia. The man on the other hand is just a stooge.

  14. Mubasir Khan says:

    who crmnl iran china russia pakistan th.. crmnl Usa and israel beacuse us and israel like warr

  15. it doesn't matter who has what and who's stronger or who has better allies. God is about to judge this powerful nation and tear it apart until we are no longer the number one super power so there for he allows the enemy to Win. That's what we get for turning our back on God and the commandments.. our sins stack to the heavens !

  16. Maw Maw Aung says:

    Peace be upon you.,

  17. Maw Maw Aung says:

    Peace be upon you.,

  18. zaidie zu says:

    kill Israel US and UK…

  19. Numan Miah says:

    am moveing to were its peaceful

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