IUIC: World War 3 Is Coming!


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  1. Hiram Abiff says:

    Our people always worried about the other nation

  2. Jojo lovely says:

    I love my brother's, and sister's.

  3. saddened for the baptist guy that walked away. May The Most High open your eyes and ears.

  4. the flying swords will get most of our ppl that dont repent and the earthquake.shalom

  5. Isaiah 33:14 'Sinners in zion shall be afraid tembling shall grip the defiled ones'.

  6. Brenda Malry says:

    You will be marked by those that do not accept truth, our blk people have been deceived thru church PIMPS. I was in the same bondage in Christian church and they are all the same . Still sleep

  7. BLKRD_777 says:

    Hey bro! Im Haïtian & i like to know more!
    I've been using ( Louis Second – Bible) my whole life, seeing y'all in action & i'd like to find out which Bible version y'all be using!

  8. my brothers i have been tryin to get some information and check on classes but havent heard anything from website and itz been bout a month

  9. All Praises for this edifying lesson!

  10. Qam144 says:

    Shalom Charles, please visit the website once again. I will be sure to reach out to the website coordinator and let him know about your difficulties.

  11. Prophet True says:


  12. obadiyah54 says:


  13. Barry J says:

    Sister, you need to find out just what IS the will of God. You have been lied to and greatly deceived. Subscribe to them and look at some more of their videos; and be sure to read along with them in your bible. We are in the last days and it's time to come out of your christian stupor.

    Even if you go by satan's standards, have you ever seen a (major) biblical figure that they portrayed who was non-white? The prophet was right. Look up the definition of stockholm syndrome.

  14. Barry J says:

    They use the King James 1611 version Bible along with the Apocrypha.

  15. What is the will of God? Psalm 40:8 shows that it is the Law. Who was the Law given to? Psalm 147:19. You were taught lie's and you spread lie's. The only Children of God is Israelite's Psalm 82:6.

  16. They gon get this verse!We the Israelites and we teaching Christ! Until we in that dirt! …All praises to The Most HIGH

  17. Marlon Judah says:

    Can I have IUIC email address? Tried yal online classes– wouldn't let me in. Found out my computer is not compatible with site or something.

  18. And the disciples were all Israelites

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