Jack Brewer Interview, Exploitation in the UFO Community 03-30-16


Alejandro Rojas with the information, Martin is Buzzing Off his hair for young children with most cancers, details is on podcastufo.com. Visitor Jack Brewer expresses his inner thoughts about the UFO investigation, how he individually has felt duped, and what demands to alter, as well as a large amount much more. Look at out his website: ufotrail.blogspot.com as properly as his reserve: The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Group. Songs by Kerry Lloyd Whitehouse.


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  1. Parsell Art says:

    You have a lot of good ideas. I believe in listening to all opinions so I personally don't get stuck in one belief system. But I am hearing you have had very little personal exposure with the paranormal experiences. I have had all kinds of experiences but I don't feel a need to join a club. I do like hearing others experiences to compare them to mine. It keeps me feeling like I am not isolated or alone in my experiences.

  2. Jack Brewer says:

    Thanks very much for the supportive comments! I really appreciate them and your interest. Thanks!

  3. Lord Auriel says:

    Yep, that was a great show and Mr Brewer is very impressive. Indeed Hypnosis is not viable for "memory retrieval". That term itself is wrong. Memory is never a reflection of reality in the first place, some memories even take years of processing until they get stored in the brain's long term memory. Hypnosis in abduction research is a scam.

  4. I googled something like "FBI using hypnosis" and found on an official government site that FBI is using hypnotic regression as an investigative tool since 1968. Site was ncjrs.gov, but the link is too long for typing here. FBI has 60 trained hypnosis specialist, that go out and set up sessions according to FBI's guidelines. They use it for criminal cases like armed violent crimes, extortion and kidnapping etc. Sessions typically last 2-3 hours.

    Point is, if FBI is using hypnosis, why UFO researcher's can't?

  5. Clarity * says:

    i have nothing but respect for this man's work.
    i often feel that the subject of ufo's, which should be taken seriously, no matter what the reality behind it is, is being turned into a circus by some leading ufologists. it's good to have someone such as Brewer speak out.

  6. Todd Leroux says:

    Hour 2: Jack Brewer is a breath of fresh air.He has a great blog, too.What do you think about this guy, tiffsaver? he he heeeeeee….

  7. Todd Leroux says:

    Hour 1:Fantastic!Good job, Martin. ThanksĀ for having this gem of a guest. Honesty and the use of the scientific methodĀ are the foundation of knowledge.Looking forward to Hour 2.

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