Jade Helm Is Preparing to Unleash False Flag Attacks

Dave Hodges

Colleague and friend, Paul Martin, contacted me yesterday and told me that Jade Helm is becoming operational 30 days earlier. This means that Jade Helm will “officially” begin on June 15 instead of July 15. I reminded Paul that we have the pictures and the video of the Jade Helm extraction of political dissidents from March 27, 2015.

Jade Helm Is Preparing to Unleash False Flag Attacks

However, Paul’s point is not lost on me. Something or someone is forcing Jade Helm to “officially” spring into full operation much earlier than originally planned. An hour after Paul and I hung up the phone, I received a confirmation of what Paul had just told me. By the way, if you work in the Walmart in Livingston, TX., you might want to get your resume in order. Your store will soon be taken over by the Army.

There Has Never Been Anything Like Jade Helm

Although there are the undeniable signs that Jade Helm is about the Red List extractions of political dissidents, which will be followed up with martial law, there are many of us who have covered Jade Helm since the beginning, feel that there is much more to this than extractions and martial law. These suspicions will be covered in the next part of this series. Suffice it to say for now, that the sheer enormity of the “drill” is so mammoth, that is almost defies description.

We know that Jade Helm is preparing to unleash political dissident extractions and impose martial law. We have now discovered a third purpose. Jade Helm will use “TIGR” to unleash false flag attacks.

The following will walk you through the progression of known Jade Helm goals. More evidence for extractions and martial law imposition will be presented. This will be followed by new evidence that Jade Helm is about to unleash false flag attacks.

Yermo Logistics Marine Base

Just off of Interstate15 North of Barstow, CA., at the Yermo Logistics Marine Base, this private video was taken by a person who travels this road on a regular basis. The number of military vehicles that he captured on video is mind-boggling! I have never seen anything this enormous as regular military vehicles, tanks, MRAPS, and Humvee’s are videotaped.

What is interesting is that I have a confidential source who, for the past three years has reported to me that he has seen Russian soldiers training adjacent to this base and he has also seen Russian T20 tanks at Yermo.

Largest Military Drill In the History of Ft. Carson

In yesterday’s version of the Colorado Springs Gazette, the paper quoted Ft. Carson officials that upcoming exercises will involve over 650 vehicles which will roll south from Colorado Springs next week in the biggest Army convoy seen in the Pikes Peak. In fact, “it’s the largest road convoy in Colorado since World War II. It will take more than 4,000 soldiers and more than 300 Stryker armored vehicles and other rigs from Fort Carson’s 1st Brigade Combat Team to its Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site east of Trinidad for combat training”.

Extreme animosity has existed between Pnon Canyon area ranchers and Ft. Carson.

The hundreds of Fort Carson vehicles will hit the road starting May 26, 2015 in a massive convoy for a training exercise at the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site. When I read about the use of the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site for this drill, it caught my attention. I have interviewed ranchers from the area who have been upset for years that Ft. Carson vehicles have roamed over private property leading up the site and were guilty of doing irreversible harm to the “virgin” prairie land. In the past, Ft. Carson vehicles have wreaked havoc upon the residents of this area and refused to compensate the landowners for the tremendous damage done to their private property. The point being, that this is training for what is coming and it has been going on for over a decade. Now, the ranchers are bracing again for an unprecedented onslaught. This rolling prairie land is certainly not terrain that is akin to anything in the Middle East. Therefore, I believe we can finally put to bed the lie that Jade Helm is about training for war in the Middle East.

The long drive for the thousands of Ft. Carson based troops, is the start of a two weeks of training for the troops who will fight a simulated war called Raider Focus. The goal of the drill is to get the brigade ready for quick deployment if war breaks out.

2013 photo of Russian and American troops at Ft. Carson, Colorado.

Let me remind everyone of two things. First, the accompanying picture of U.S. troops posing and training with Russian troops was taken at Ft. Carson. Secondly, the training will take place east of Trinidad, Colorado. This area was used to illegally incarcerate Americans, of Japanese extraction, in the early days of World War II. Today, this area is considered to be a FEMA camp and has been the site of many detention drills.

 Formerly a WW II detention center for Japanese-American citizens is now home to security detention training for what is popularily called "FEMA camps".

The Army, the Russians and a FEMA camp. Given what I have reported on the use of foreign troops in the Army document FM 3-39.40, does this raise anyone’s eyebrows? This solidifies the notion that Jade Helm is unquestionably connected to political dissident extractions, martial and now, FEMA re-education camps!

Curious Happenings Involving TIGR Activities In Manhattan, NYC

Originally introduced on the battlefield in 2007, and subsequently deployed across Iraq and Afghanistan, the Tactical Ground Reporting (TIGR) System began as an experimental project initiated by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency with little funding, and DARPA gave it to soldiers to see how they might make use of it.  “TIGR is a Web-based information-sharing system that is available on secure laptops and allows soldiers to continuously update and add information about the areas where they are deployed. The system makes it simple to add notes, identify trouble spots, and update information on current maps and satellite imagery using the kind of map-based tools and social messaging media common to the Web”. It is a system designed for us in all-out ground combat. Since this is the case, why is TIGR being spotted in Manhattan?

Tracy Egan has been sending me a series of photos from a TIGR convoy spotted in Manhattan.

Photo taken by Tracy Egan.

Close up of the rear of the car that is behind the 3 military vehicles.

Hey Dave –
I asked some friends of friends (former military) then researched. Seems “Tigr Events” are standard protocol to deploy military IED from certain vehicles. Has something to do with scanning before the unit is there. If you’re interested, I could write them out from the pics, but it seems standard. I have more photos the vehicles with mounds of sand and stones in the vehicle tailgate pieces.

From the winshield of the photo of the car listed above.

Here are the pictures of debris used to make IED’s. As you examine the photo, ask yourself why the U.S. Army wants to introduce IED’s in Manhattan?

Here are pictures of the needed debris to make an IED located at the site of the car.

Tigr ied 1

Can there be any doubt as to what we are looking at? This is the material needed an IED. Note the term IED in the document on the windshield of the car.

When the words of the above-photgraphed document are enlarged, this is what it says.

– You must be logged in as Secret User on Secret System and have an account.
– TIGR maps must be loaded on your JCR system.
– SneakerNet is viewed by the JCR system  identifier XX to distinguish them XXX.

1. Select the create tab.
2. From the Events section – click on the XX Hostile Actions Icon.
3. Select IED option.
4. Enter IED 101 in the Title field.
5. Drag the Icon next to Category Window from the Event window onto the Map X at the X IED.
6. Enter aporopriate unit using Unit drop down.
7. Type a short description into the Event Summary field.
8. In the Event window XX drawing add to XX
9. Select Save.
10. Select X (not missing) in upper XX.


Why are IED’s and combat search and search and destroy TIGR technology being spotted in Manhattan, NY? Is Jade Helm about ready to introduce a series of false flag events? It would appear that this is the case. Further, why are the Russians involved? Why is a FEMA camp part of a Jade Helm set of drills?  Connect the dots America, this is much bigger than any of us can imagine!  There is much more and it will be presented tomorrow in the second part in this series.

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  1. Frank Riker says:

    The employees at the Livingston, Texas Walmart were terminated with only a few days notice and without severance compensation when the store was closed several weeks ago. The store was closed on the pretense that the county health department had shut it down because of a sewer leak. The store is supposed to reopen in November. Yeah, sewer leaks always take 8 months to fix, right!

    High volume store. One of, if not the largest employer in Polk County, shut down for 8 months? Lots of employees in tears the afternoon of the closing. Many were the primary wage earners in the poorest county in Texas. No other jobs to be had. Very sad!

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