Jade Helm Is Tightening the Noose Around America’s Neck


Dave Hodges

I have never secured a point where the stream of data is so voluminous and just as irritating. There has never been a theme that I have secured that has been so perilous to the wellbeing of all Americans. The span of extent of Jade Helm is unbelievable. Surprisingly, I am thinking about whether I ought to make arrangements to quickly leave the nation on the grounds that there are individuals who need to do me genuine mischief.

Jade Helm Is Tightening the Noose Around America’s Neck

We Have Everything to Fear and afterward You Should Get Mad!

The tip top are bosses at controlling the account. Very nearly an era prior, they named any individual who set out to question the expressions of referred to liars as tin-foil-cap wearing “connivance scholars”/ The term intrigue scholar turned into an adapted reaction which portrayed “insane individuals” who question the activities and proclamations of known liars from the administration. What’s more, obviously there is no such thing as two terrible individuals getting together to want to do something abhorrence. I figure that Oklahoma City, the Twin Towers, Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Batman shooting, the Boston Marathon, and the 7/7 London bombings were only fantasies of our creative ability. The four million individuals have passed on in Middle East nations that we have attacked are likewise recently illusions of our creative ability.

As the Independent media started to battle back against the globalist PSYOPS to cover their wrongdoings, the tip top thought of a counter PSYOPS. Also, now, any individual who calls attention to government wrong doing is a “fearmonger” and this term has a partner term, “dread porn”. Accordingly, any individual who sets out to advance any wrongdoing, from the first class or the legislature, is occupied with fearmongering, and in that capacity, ought to be overlooked.

Just a Moron Would Not Be Afraid

In the matter of Jade Helm, I need you to be frightful and after that I need you to get frantic. Trepidation is the strongest help among the human feelings. The most bound together this nation has ever been happened amid World War II when we dreaded being vanquished by the Japanese and the Germans. That trepidation propelled an unparalleled combination of deduction and helpful exertion. Today, we have to take advantage of this feeling, or a hefty portion of us are not going to survive.

Am I certain that we can achieve energizing the country to activity against the oppression postured by Jade Helm? I am not in any way shape or form certain. What’s more, regardless of the fact that Jade Helm winds up being close to a drill (not likely), Jade Helm’s successor will have taken in lessons from what is going to transpire in America. To the cognitive disharmony swarm, I would say that these individuals are rehearsing to oppress you on purpose.

Meanwhile, I need to present a little cross-segment of correspondences I have gotten from Americans all over this nation who are frightful of Jade Helm.

FEMA Camps Are Out in the Open

The morning fearmongering brief starts with an update that the spilled Army record FM-3-39.40 gives the dazzling points of interest of what constitutes a FEMA camp and who will include the “prisoners”. Further, I have already distinguished Camp Grayling in N. Michigan as a colossal FEMA camp. Obviously the legislature says the office is simply for preparing. In the event that that is genuine then why are the Michigan Army Reserves and National Guard going to Guantanamo to prepare this mid year? Figure out how to lift up the spreads and ask the right inquiries.

This FEMA camp office in Grayling, MI., is seeing military law preparing for the Michigan National gatekeeper beginning on July 15, the initiation date for Jade Helm. This office additionally houses many UN military vehicles.

This FEMA camp office in Grayling, MI., is seeing military law preparing for the Michigan National gatekeeper beginning on July 15, the initiation date for Jade Helm. This office additionally houses many UN military vehicles.

The following is an email from couple in N. Michigan who knows how to ask the right inquiries in the wake of staying cautious.


Hi Mr. Hodges,

I live in Northern Michigan in Osceola province right by expressway 131. My wife and I have lived here for a long time and we have never seen the gigantic measures of military vehicles on the thruway like we seen yesterday! I think this data can approve a percentage of the data in your late article “Jade Helm is intended to take America straightforwardly into WWIII”.

My wife brought me over to the window to take a gander at this tremendous caravan of military trucks traveling North. I ran outside to get a more intensive look and they were all the while driving by. This is by a wide margin the biggest guard of military vehicles we have ever seen. There were no less than 200 trucks pulling level bed trailers that had what looked like groups on the trailers. Every trailer had two of these cocoa/tan ordinance looking things and each of these things likewise had wheels and trailer hitches on them. These things seem as though they could be pulled by humvees. I have never seen these previously or anything even near to what these things were and I served in the military from 1989-1992. Each round chamber (standard barrel?) was around 30″ – 36″ inches in width and around ten feet long, so these may be some kind of fire weapon. They were enormous! Additionally, there has been a great deal of military sort airplane flying over the previous week or something like that. What’s more, yes, I have seen the huge FEMA camp situated at Camp Grayling, yet they say it is only for preparing (better believe it right). I simply needed to go along this data to you.

God Bless and thank you for your diligent work!


Lt. Col. Potter Connects the “Red List” with Jade Helm

On the off chance that the past episodic record, with going with documentation is insufficient to draw out the trepidation, then listen to the expressions of Lt. Col. Potter as he tells moderator, Pete Santilli, that Jade Helm will soon be doing Red List executions before forcing military law.

Hooligans Are Invading Our Neighborhoods

From features like the one beneath we see monstrous measures of troops. This occasion may be in Ontario, CA., yet it should be in your neighborhood. Here we see jack-booted hooligans walking in their battle equip through an area close you.

Also, there are more outside troops being spotted on our dirt.

Dear Dave,

I live close Redding California.

For as far back as year I have recognized gatherings of youthful Chinese men in Red coats/ dark jeans, at a transport stop at the edge of Costco. Here is a photo I took as of late, from over the road. There were around 20 of them. I specified this to a companion who is a resigned cop. He said “goodness, they are here taking flight direction at the air terminal”. I locate this bizarre , yet not in light of everything else we are seeing with Jade Helm.

God favor you and the work you are doing to help advise the individuals who are wakeful and tuning in. Time is in fact short!


Who is This Massive Military Hardware Going to be Unleashed Against?

From the Barstow region, there is a monstrous military equipment development. Local people are terrified to death. I am in correspondence with a resigned Sheriff’s Deputy who has event to convey item to the base in the feature beneath and he routinely sees Russian officers in uniform preparing at this base.

Legal Watch, Hamas, Hezbollah, Russia and ISIS

ISIS base camp close El Paso.

ISIS base camp close El Paso.

Educated Americans were shocked when they learned of the vicinity of an ISIS camp eight miles from El Paso, TX. Legal Watch joined ISIS to the Mexican drug cartels. As I secured two days prior, Hama and Hezbollah are joined with the cartels. What’s more, now it appears that this unholy partnership has a noiseless, however taking an interest accomplice, and that would be Russia and her Western Hemisphere associates. These spots will soon be joined.

The photograph beneath, may be the reason Texas is planning to be attacked as prove by the photographs of Surface to Air Missiles found on the ground 45 miles southeast of Lubbock, TX.

Surface to air rockets.

Surface to air rockets.

What amount all the more genuine does Jade Helm need to get where you at long last achieve the point where trepidation persuades you.


The time it now, time to permit yourself to feel trepidation and the going hand in hand with wrath that runs with an improvement, for example, this. How set out this criminal organization work on removing Americans to FEMA camps with our own particular duty dollars. This ought to alarm the damnation of you and the going hand in hand with anger ought to rouse you to act

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