Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner Avoid Posing Together at Justin Bieber’s “Believe” Premiere


Subscribe! http://bit.ly/mrSda2 Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner avoid posing together at Justin Bieber’s Believe world premiere purple carpet arrivals presented by …


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  1. trees look so cheap!

  2. Jon Da Fifth says:

    lol…paparazzi's dont give a fuxk about celebrities…?they just wanna make some money

  3. joe snork says:

    jaden the village idiot

  4. Sam4D says:


  5. AbdiKarim says:

    she looked better here omg bae

  6. Fierce Lion says:

    gayden smith is a gay fagget..only thing I can tell myself to explain why he wore a skirt lol

  7. Lol I'm laughing soo hard rn cause I was like that ain't kylie jenner then I realized oh yea she did surgery???

  8. Jesus Quiroz says:

    kid looks dumb ass fuck

  9. Yola Jackson says:

    Wtf u mean fool….how old are u….u taking up for this clown ass nigga…

  10. Hyper TV says:

    the old Kylie looked much more original

  11. Will Smith gave birth to a fag

  12. yo_tinahh 99 says:

    aw looks so natural ?

  13. John Alonzo says:

    it's crazy she don't even look the same no-mo. her lips look better now cuz in this video she had no lips but all the other shit she's done to herself is not koo. the fake ass with the small thighs is not a good look. the higher cheek bones and face-lift make her look like she has bitch face all the time. I guess that's the look now. Kim has the same look too. years ago when she was barely becoming a fame whore she was looking like jafar from Aladdin. she use to smile a lot and took many pictures not really knowing years later she would have noticeable surgery and try to lie and say she hasn't had anything done. she changed her whole fuckn face and her ass keeps getting bigger and bigger and her thighs stay the same size. this comment is pointless just felt like saying all this shit.

  14. they r just people, people! why can't people see this? they r not special! but boy o boy…those Kardashian's love themselves

  15. Andrew B says:

    I didnt know she was that ugly..!!

  16. 1:47 Jaden touches kylie on the hip lol

  17. Me Kpb says:

    Jaden is getting ugly day by day


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