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,WITNESS1.)Robert Anton Wilson recalled the very last telephone dialogue with Kerry Thornley,Wilson was debating about Kerrys CIA connections other than remaining the sufferer of the CIA filling his drink with head altering medicines which sooner or later BRAINWASHED Kerry all over again form to communicate.Wilson contends Kerry never remaining San Francisco,but Kerry felt the CIA set wrong recollections into his head though this was the 60s,in a period of ten several years Kerry became a Scientific paraniod himself in the judgement of most of his good friends, and commit most of his time living on the streets of New Orleans and Dallas,on the other hand KerryThornely did not income from remaining with Oswald as the CIA would like us to consider and experienced considerably lots of Psychological Well being Troubles in the course of his lifetime.

Although Jim Garrisons investigation placing Kerry and himself againist a more substantial Establishment in the type of a cursade to stopMK_Extremely head management consequently Kerry felt sufferer to the concept of a huge conspriacy just one particular person aganist the procedure,the CIA and the FBI.On the other hand Jim Garrisons main cost againist Kerry Thornley was that he PERJURED himself with denying Kerry never observed Oswald in New Orleans.Even if Kerry was a sufferer of head management could,Kerry be accountable for the murder of JFK in one particular sense or a further with no owning the expertise of reallynot remaining there at all.

PSYCHOLOCIALLY  how could Kerry be reprogram from remaining a puppet of the CIA or a further dilemma could arise was Kerry Thornley a pranster at greatest an EXTROVERT to say because of his lots of careers all-around NewOrleans area .Although there was no loveloss in between Jim Garrison and Kerry Thornley these as Garrison giving a lecture at a locale University and responding to a News reporter dilemma what would you do if you ran into Thornley Jim Garrison retorted I would ignore him for what he has put myLIFE and INVESTIGATION by means of, I can not forgive him at all.Over the several years Kerry has felt sorry for Jim and his situation durning the investigation,about the KENNEDY ASSASSINATION in Dealey plaza in 1963.

.Consequently Adam Gorightly feels that  Thornley was a really sincere human being who was force into the thick of factors, by his novel IDLE WARRIORS which describes his Marine unit as remaining dissatisfied with the concept of capitialism in the United States.Consequently the main character is dependent on OSWALD and Kerrys political views at greatest.Although Kerry blames the CIA for retouching his picture,and calling him a OSWALD DOUBLE to say the least.For that reason Thornley does not consider that he was a sufferer of head management at all,he feels he is victimized by his affiliation of being aware of Oswald in the Marines before he was despatched to Japan.

Kerry describes the romance in between Oswald and him as really mental on the problems of COMMUNISM, and SOCIALISM while Kerry was much more of a Socialist and felt their could be a bridge in between Socialism, and Capitalism. in the United States in 1957.HoweverKerry also felt Oswald experienced much more radical views on the issue of Communism,thus the concept of political debate experienced appealing overtones in between Oswald and Kerry.

Consequently according to Adam Gorightly if Kerry was a double of Oswald,which according to the WARREN COMISSION Oswald was 5″5 but in actuality Kerry Thornley was 5″9 appealing admits Gorightly with this in mind he files the TESTIMONY OF OTHER WITNESS in Garrisons investigation.WITNESS2.) Judyth Vary  Baker who wrote the guide about Oswald and her adore affair with him.Entitled ME and LEE HARVEY OSWALD,Baker who shares the time she used with Oswald  and recounts her sighting of Oswald and Kerry Thornley in New Orleans which occured on MAY9th, and May 28th of 1962.

However Judyth Baker had information Lee HarveyOswald, and KerryThornley,were being witnessed at Dealey Plaza in Dallas in advance of November 1963.Judyth achieved Oswald in New Orleans,while Oswald connected Judyth with David Ferri who then took Judyth under his wing,and building an task for her manufacturing BIOLOGICAL Chemicals to unleash on the Communist state of Cuba,thus support the United States get back their misplaced interests in CUBA.Lee HarveyOswald worked at the exact dwelling for David Ferri.

Lee Harvey Oswald job was to deliever this Biological chemicals, to the CIA for even more assessment,or quality management of this product a concept for an WWIII senario with theSOVIET UNION or CUBA.Destroying an Region these as Cuba or the Soviet Union with out nuclear war or with no ever owning a slide out, Organic WEAPONS an prime case in point would be Iraqs war with the Kurds a really clean up war at greatest.No fallout or large destruction a really easy war to gain,this was  sooner or later part of the CIAs international policey.

.According to AdamGorightly  was this the CIAs concept of destroying The Enemies of the Point out, Communist regimes who do not want to coexist with the UNITED STATES,in the 1960sTherefore it would be a  really efficent and clean way of the CIA to destroy DICTATORS, and EUROPEAN SOCIALIST,or even EUROCOMMUNIST, who do not concur with Americans   environment see concept which we simply call CAPITIALISM.Consequently when Kennedy became President he started to obstacle this way of contemplating ,and wished a tranquil nation,not waging war in the environment to protect massive Oil, and American interests abroad ,but to move The united states towards the concept of Social Democracy dependent on theworks of Mr Michael Harrington.In fact a Socialist who wrote lots of guide that dealt and named upon declaring a war on poverty in the United States,that accepted of Revenue redistribution in the sixties this caught the attention of the KENNEDY, and JOHNSON, adminstration.

WITNESS.three)Professor Martin McAuliffe an LSU English Instructor was interested in Kerry novel the IdleWarriors discussed the problems of SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM in which the guide charcater flaws to the Soviet Union and returns to the UnitedStates dependent on Kerrys, and Oswald, philosphy on MARXISM.Although McAuliffes desire in Kerrys novel was not dependent on Kerrys literary ambitions but what Kerry realized about Oswald throughout his time in the Marines.The explanation remaining McAuliffe was a FBI Informant and was spying on the group of Mates of DEMOCRATIC CUBAwhich was overseen by one particular Sergio Arcadia Smith a reble anti CASTROITE,FERRIE OSWALD and Guy Banister associates.For that reason in the process Kerrys assembly with Banister,and Shaw,this  could be a probable frame up if Oswald bailed out of the operation thus Kerry Thornley would be framed as the Assassin who murdered John F Kennedy.

.WITNESS four.)Allen Campbell was with Kerry Thornely on the working day of the assassination,information gleaned from JimDieugeno 1994 job interview Thornely and Oswald were being in regular call throughout the NewOrleans period.On the other hand Kerry remembers in a 1975 affidavit that he described Campbell as a previous ATSUGI Marine which could be functioning for a navy intelligence operation.WITNESS5).Barbara Reid aka Barbara Glancey Reid or Barbara Reid Edmiston1.worked for a local radio and TV station as a author and producer2).Writer of a guide on witch craft and produced lots of appearances on theAMERICAN LEGION HOUR onWTIX AM inNewOrleans entitled Witches and Metaphysics in the French Quarter.Although Barbara was James Garrisons ex lover she even ran for metropolis council in 1964.Although Reid and Greg Hill were being traced with in this mystery Firm named the DISCORDINIAN SOCIETY whereas Kerry Thornley was the RULER throughout 1967 time period. Although this modern society was started out in the late 50s by KerryThornely and Greg Hill ,which Gorightly contendsDISCORDINIAN is a CIA front which experienced a rising membership in the New Orleans spot,this is how theJim Garrison investigation team traced Kerry Thornley as the RING leader of this mystic group.

Reid even STAGED her individual mocked Funeral procession Reid laying in a  Coffin clad in all theme of all black garb and sporting a black Beret and cigarette holder.Eventually was busted for owning medicines in her apartment and was arrested by regulation enforcementMs REID observed Kerry and Oswald alongside one another in New Orleans and Dealey plaza in 1963.Also all-around the french Quarter disscussing lots of problems all-around the quarter scence.Now Barb Reid realized Kerry and Oswald in NewOrleans really nicely all-around city and could indentify them each if wanted to,appealing certainly.

WITNESS six)Raymond Broshear attained the illustrious title of REVEREND from Ordination by means of the common lifetime church a ministry in Modesto California2.)early and outspoken leader of the homosexual motion forward of his time in his philosphy due to the fact Broshear was homosexual also3.)According to JFK researcher Larry Hancock Broshears in his Ministerial function was included in aiding Vietnam period draft dodgers.Subsequently informing on lots of of these members as an FBI informant in reality and said he observed Kerry and Oswald alongside one another in NewOrleans and the Dealey Plaza in 1963.

Moreover Rev Broshear heard rumors of Oswald and Kerry involved in a CIA covert operations  in Dallas.Broshear died of AIDS in 1982 but was normally battling for Homosexual legal rights till the conclude ,a good political drive for the Homosexual neighborhood in California.However  Larry Hancock felt that Rev Broshear was mentally disturbed by describing Kerry, and Lee Harvey Oswald, as remaining homosexual due to the fact they sat at homosexual bars in NewOrleans,  and downtown Dealey plaza. Consequently a covert operation could of been probable baked with disinfromation and introducing the touch of murder yes I consider in my heart there was a CONSPRIACY that was part of 60s that afflicted Bobby Kennedy DR Martin Luther King and Malcom X the dilemma Jim Garrison could ask was Kerry Thornley part of it,time will inform.

Jim Garrison came to consider an interesing concept that some who were being part of the Ability ELITE in the United States, thought, these  ground breaking politicians such as the Kennedys Dr Martin Luther King and Malcom X were likely to change SOCIETYat large very quick, consequently the CIA and the AMERICAN Ability ELITE, were not likely to take this adjust at all. This dangerious concept would be a CIVIL Legal rights,plan  and a progressive movement towards an new Social Democracy in the United States. 

This sort of as Mr Michael Harrington a Socialist who noted in his WRITINGS about these problems,which later on ,  served as the design for President Johnsons  Great SOCIETYprograms.Consequently the WAR on Poverty, and social injustice,the pulling out of Vietnam next the breaking up of the CIA and the craze toward bringing the United States to a Social Democracy was just also substantially for these cats to set up with.

Meaning US Metal raised their pricing and were subjected to the wrath and harrassment of the KennedyAdministration,for case in point the justice Office threatening to wire tap each individual Company OFFICER or CEO for remaining awarded quarterly bonuses each individual yr.Consequently if the Kennedy Administration experienced its way price raising would be controlled or looked into there would be no Company WELFARE at all not with Attorney Normal Robert F Kennedy all-around.

Although Jim Garrison has felt this could of been the fear that Kennedy and other people, would of really encourage a Class WARFARE that would of altered the study course of the United States Jim Garrison felt the civil legal rights issue could performed a role in this concept.This might of been the frame of mind of SOUTHERN CONSERVATIVES at the time encouraging John Birch Society ideas in the South at the time,yes lots of wished Kennedy out considering that he was elected in 1961this was a nicely assumed out strategy.

President Johnson passed lots of of Kennedys ideals,but Johnson in 1964 exstended Vietnam to a land dependent war for Huge Oil desire and set those in the Company and Army complex at simplicity for the time being. Jim Garrison admired Kennedy for what he stood for,and felt like everybody else he was also younger to of been MURDERED in Dallas at the time. Garrison realized how good this President would of come to be for the sixties and outside of,what this environment would of been experienced Kennedy lived,and wished justice to prevail over this dark homicide that took place at Dealey plaza in1963.

Moreover Kerry fell victim to the GARRISON Point out ,remaining accussed of something with no suitable legal aide, which is unconstitutionial at greatest this is worst than the Warren Commisson, and not remaining authorized to pledge the 5th admendment is unprofessionial to say the least For that reason Jim Garrison wished to blame some one particular or hunting for a scape goat and found Kerry Thornley from New Orleans.What is appealing if Kerry was brainwashed by the CIA is he seriously responsible in a sense of not remaining conscious at what he is accomplishing at all.Although occasionally in the Legal JUSTICE procedure there are lots of who commit MURDERS but pychologically repress the act in some way.Jim Garrison felt Kerry experienced the exact problems REPRESSION at greatest.

Meaning there were being 3 imposters from my understanding at Dealey plaza one particular by the title of BILLY LOVELADY who performed a major function in the assinasstion of President Kennedy, some felt he was exterior on the parade route waiting for the motorcade to go by there are lots of shots of him to boot.Lovelady was picture with the well known V which means the white teeshirt open up out of his shirt some experience this was a sign as the motorcade passed Dealey plaza for the capturing to commence.Kerry Thornley could of recognised Lee Harvey from the Marines but maybe they could of been outdated friends when Oswald came to go to at New Orleans1962 and Dealey Plaza 1963,and could of talked about the books and activism Kerry has been accomplishing right after the Marines.

Last but not least I do not consider Kerry performed a major function at all just another person who loved to compose and enjoyed lifetime to its fullest that was Kerry Thornley at greatest a social media commentator of the 60s and 70s.On the other hand more than the several years Kerry experienced lots of mental Well being issues and Kidney troubles to boot.Kerry lived till the late 90s,but to say the least Kerry Thornely experienced a appealing lifetime certainly.On the other hand even Kerry Thornley does not have any memory of remaining at Dealey plaza in 1963,In explanation he was functioning at the time and produced some adverse statements about his issues with the Kennedy Administration, that entail United States, foreign policey 


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