Jamie Foxx Jokes About Killing ‘All the White People’ in New Movie: ‘How Great Is That?’


Erica Ritz | The Blaze

Singer/actor Jamie Foxx hosted Saturday Night Live this weekend, and his comments were racially-charged from the outset. For those who don’t recall, Foxx is the man who recently told us that we should “honor” our “lord and savior” Barack Obama.

“I’m dressed in all black, cause it’s good to be black. Black is the new white!” Foxx began in his opening monologue.

The really curious comments came soon after:

“I got a new movie coming out, Django, check it out…Django Unchained, I play a slave.  How black is that?  In the movie, I have to wear chains.  How whack is that?  But don’t be worried about it, because I get out [of] the chains, I save my wife, and I kill all the white people in the movie.  How great is that?  And how black is that?”  [Emphasis added]

Foxx then proceeded to discuss how Obama will comport himself over the next four years:

He’s [going] to be extra black these next four years; he’s [going] to get everything black…white people don’t get nervous about that because he is mixed.  Now the first four years was the white side of him…but the next four years he’s even changing his name to President Barack Dikembe Mutombo Tupac Mandela Hussein Obama X.  How black is that?”  [Emphasis added]

Watch the entire clip, via Hulu, below:


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  1. Dan says:

    Well I have lost all respect for Mr Foxx. It is this kind of thinking that perpetuates prejudice and racial hatred where it should no longer exist. Something the Jews perpetuate on the Gentiles as well as the Muslims on the Infidels as well as any Hebrew based religion on any other.
    This time in Earth’s history it is unconscionable to perpetuate these negative childish beliefs. To keep humanity in a spiritual dark age perpetuated by the EGO of religion and race. Two aspects manipulated by the Elite to control the people from advancement.

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