Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans private personal meetings with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in Tokyo next week, three sources said, seeking …


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  1. tik tok says:

    May be one day because of Pres. Duterte, the two nations (china and japan) will become friends. Hopefully. ???

  2. kinakabahan na din ang Japan, hindi nila alam kung paano magwawala ang sira ulong presidente KENKOY ng pilipinas

  3. Good luck Sir. Yaan mo tong mga bashers sa baba. Nabayaran mga to 500 per day para mag comment ng magcomment kontra sau. Pero ako as computer is my business I am taking my free time to encourage our kababayans to join the challenge our country is facing now. Changes is true thanks to You. We will be at your back all the time. Especially in social media. Have a good day! God bless!

  4. We are sooo proud of you Pres. Détente and we love you!!!! God bless you and your cabinet!!!

  5. LuvMyLilBabe says:

    Duterte: im severing ties with china and russia. china go to hell!

  6. I love japan,
    how I hope Philippines and Japan will have a new strong relationships like china now.

  7. Tom White says:

    President Duterte is not stupid enough to listen to Japan, because Japan is 100% under USA military and political control. They also invaded and killed so many people of Philippines in WW2.
    Japan is forward runner of USA's tool to contain China. USA and Japan are not just wanted to contain China at South China Sea, but East China Sea, western China and South China as well.
    USA is already building up militarily, in a section along the western border of China, example: Afghanistan.

  8. Tom White says:

    President Duterte should deal with Japan on economics and trades only, absolutely no politics or military.

  9. brahim119 says:

    Mr. Duterte is going to Japan ? Just make sure he will be carrying his own food and water. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING FROM THERE. Learn from Vlad.

  10. OMG perverted westerners r commenting here….

  11. lyka octmoon says:


  12. Sarap sumama kay presidente gusto makapunta doon at bumili ng mga bagong release na mga manga at anime.

  13. Vang Tan says:

    ung nagcocoment dito ng negative ito lang masasabi ko sainyo tang Ina nyo

  14. buff ver says:

    Ngayun ko lang narealize, base doon sa mga anti-Duterte coming from the Filipino people (mostly from the Philippines herself), na ang daming BOBO, TANGA, at GAGO sa Pilipinas! Namanhid na sa korupsyon at katiwalian, di makapagadjust sa bagong sistema na pinasimulan ng Pangulo. Mabuti pa mga Pinoy na nakatira sa ibang bansa e, even foreigners, suportado nila ang pangulo…

  15. she med says:

    For those who are so ignorant about the real issue save your stupidity to yourself. The world doesn't need that .

  16. sidney amani says:

    yeeesss no more Phillipinos in Military bases I am so happy

  17. Happy Days says:

    even if he is the emperor of Japan, i wouldn't vow before him!! why would i vowed to the same human being like me???? that's ridiculous, the emperor of Japan is also like us, he was also cleansing his own ass hole right after he poo. so why would i vow him? the only different here is he has his own kingdom, here on earth but he cannot reigns it forever. I would only vowed to the real GOD in heaven who created this earth, universe, and heaven, but never to any high ranking people in this world's!!! so if i we're President Duterte never ever tried or attempt to vowed to any royal kings or queens because once you vowed to these types of human beings it's simply means that you're worshipping them like a god which is not right. only the heavenly GOD Father above deserves to be worshipped and no one else's!!!

  18. M Barr says:

    Why did the Emperor canceled meeting Duterte. You good people answer the question. A god like leader of Japan feel very small meeting a great leader of the Philippines who is being respected all over the world because of his colorful language.
    Flawless attire all the time, extreme restpectful attitude to match any supreme being of any kingdom. He lied of having death in the family to avoid such royal meeting. so he beg for apology to the best president of the Philippines. His apology.

  19. Truthseeker says:

    Trust me , Japan is being bullied and they know it. 20 years their economy didn't grow because of the west. They are smart. Every time they are asked to mess with islands in the east China sea, they over do it so the US has to come and stop them. They are using this to remove all the restrictions that have been put on them after WW2. They don't want to fight China, but they are deeper in it than the Philippines since they surrendered unconditionally. They deliberately mess with South Korea so the alliance between the US, Japan and S. Korea will not happen. South Koreans fighting China on the side of the US is unlikely. They know the art of war and China plays along. As long as there is a lot of trade between China and Japan, it is the same thing. The evil of the west use the media to create hatred and fear everywhere. The CIA supplies their fanatics with end of day news and nuclear war all the time, everyday. It is extremely evil. Now they want a missile system in South Korea which is a no fly zone if it is turned on, it is an act of war since it comes with jamming that affects everyone around it. The Philippines sees what happen to Syria, Libya, and see that they plan to ultimately attack Iran and north Korea, using Filipinos to die in a war no one wants. He is stopping it. The west even used "The dictator is killing his own people" again, just like Ukraine, Libya, Syria. The old imperialist dog only knows one trick. When they say that it means they want to kill you. So of course, Duterte has to fight back. The drug lords are CIA funded. There are terrorists planted in the Philippines to mess up the Philippines , too. So what do you want him to do? Kill them!
    The west has gone so mad to criticize someone trying to solve crime in his country. Insane!

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