Jason A Prophecy – THE WORLD IN 2017 – End of America


Click here to protect your loved ones: http://tinyurl.com/Final-Warning-JasonA XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I want to thank Prophecy youtuberJason A …



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  1. fuck you asshole you bunch of dog fuckers

  2. and this is what happens when you smoke pcp

  3. Now there is marketing of the end of days? You can't save or protect anyone. You don't have that authority. You can't even save yourself. You must call upon G-d.
    – and though a
    thousand fall at our side and ten thousands at our right hand
    we shall not be afraid of the terror by night, nor of the
    arrow that flies by day; nor of the pestilence that walks in
    darkness, nor of the destruction that wastes at noonday. For
    He will deliver us from the snare of the fowler, and from the
    deadly pestilence. He will cover us with His feathers. Under
    His wings we will take refuge. His faithfulness is our shield
    and rampart!

  4. Sal G says:

    We need to pray for all those who don't know our Father, not judge them. We are the watchman for God. Please if you haven't accepted Jesus, it doesn't matter what you've done, where you're from. Please, Jesus died for Us. Please dear Father help all those who don't know You, for You are the ONLY way. Amen.

  5. America is absolutely mentioned in the Bible. and it's not good news. based on my reading and other people's. the second beast that gives power to the first Beast Pope. America is the second beast. they caused it all to receive mark

  6. I2290 LSD25 says:

    FUCK JASON A  fear mongering since 2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 now 2017-18 FUCK THIS  HOW LONG ARE YOU PPL GOING TO BUY THIS BULLSHIT

  7. fear-mongering f*** up b***** the for-profit of some sort. people don't listen to this trash yes seek after the Lord learn who he is Jesus Christ the savior. but this crap about how this is going to end and that's going to end that is God's work yes he will judge this world persevering God is not about fear but we should fear Him not what is to come.

  8. see what I mean major thing to push the button to buy or f**** video please stop that you're f*** up you're selling your truth. and there's only one truth and that's Jesus Christ not your f**** video it gets people's eyes off the truth of Jesus Christ and that relationship that they should be in them not watching stupid DVDs get your Bible and get into prayer and cut off any known sin in your life.

  9. snake oil snake oil garbage

  10. Fila Mom says:

    +Jason A

    Jason, that photo of Trump is haunting… I gasped!

  11. He says he received "illumination."
    That's mason-code.

  12. babylon WAS a city and WAS destroyed already.
    isis was not the babylonian godess she was the egyptian godess of magic and life. not fertility when the romans-pagans came to power she kept her name as their godess of magic and lifethis is all wrong and nobody is going to do their research and find out the truth. as for ishtar, she was the mesopotamian godess of fertility and was dispensed with at the coming of christianity whereas isis is still worshipped by some neopagan sects. and libertad is not the pseudonym for isis or ishtar it is the spanish for freedom

  13. A watchman says:

    find the truth. see what they do in the dark, look at the hexagon of Saturn and it's occult, the six sided star, and the black cube of oppression. Jesus is the only way to escape. Repent and DON'T take the mark of the beast. love or hate, your choice.

  14. This is an infomercial…

  15. mikilavush says:

    This video is a delusion. Being the Father's timeless image, Jesus is from eternity to eternity a man (John 14:9), hence Jesus would never turn into a weird lamb as in Rev. Ch. 5, and the one who in Rev. Ch. 4 in place of Jesus acts as the image of God the Father, is an abomination. Revelation was written by Satan to establish credibility in advance for the Antichrist.
    When the Antichrist, disguised as Revelation's "God", appears on a throne in the sky, surrounded by Satan's wonders an praised by false angels and possessed animals, more than a milliard of bad Christians will believe that he is God and will for him wage global war on non-Christians to establish the reign of "the Lamb" for 1000 years. Also it is predictable that Revelation's "apocalypse" will not last longer than up to Rev. 6:13, because when the stars begin to fall as in Rev. 6:13, the real Jesus and the real Doomsday will come. My complete view of the Antichrist is on my Google+ in Part 3 of my CHRISTIAN CONFESSION.

  16. I truly believe in the Lord our God and know something will have to give soon, as to much has changed in just the last 100 years. Yet I also believe that if you know what is coming and believe there is a way to help others, why not share this information freely as Jesus would do, and not try to prophet from others? Amen. :)

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