Jason A – This proof that we are living in End Times 2016


Click here to watch full video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTJMRDtt0E0 Thank you Jason A for realising: This Video is Proof in 2016! (PROPHECY …



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  1. Ethan Thorne says:

    America the richest country LMAO no.

  2. What a load of pish.

  3. Damon Jesus says:

    An interesting idea, and one I have heard before, so this person really gets no props for discovering this opinion. The first and most obvious thing is, the scripture where it says that 'Babylon is the praise of all nations.' American may have, at one point enjoyed such, but doesn't any longer. I don't honestly think it EVER did. There have always been nations acrossed the World, who have hated the U.S. You could also apply everything that was said to Saudi Arabia, and/or Italy (Rome). Both have made other nations rich, both sit on many waters. But only one sits on seven hills, as stated in the book of Revelation. God bless you.

  4. Roxanne says:

    According to the Bible, it makes sense to me that the mystery Babylon would be America. The entire world is in chaos. It certainly feels like the world is definitely in trouble.

  5. DC180 says:

    it was 2012 where there was an explosion of videos about end times, end of the world, stock market crash.. Nothing will happen…. again

  6. Rob Visser says:

    Nobody knows except you? Let me tell you one thing… Did you ever heard of Karma? That's what happens in your country and other countries where is lieing and corruption a fact. They become punishment and terrible disasters. When your country would be honest, shit like this wouldn't exist at all… Laterz

  7. Yonas T says:

    Jason A I have noticed you have something against Obama. In all ur videos you always criticise him and describe him as been the Anti christ or something like that, seriously you had a president like George W Bush who would have been qualifyed as been an Anti christ yet you don't say anything about him and now a possible next President Trump who would definitely qualify as the Anti christ and again I don't see you trying to warn people about him .It sounds like you a have an issue with your current President I would leave it for you to explain what the issue is.

  8. the robots are gonna kill us then the aliens will kill them and only trump will stay alive because he is the devil and wants to fight Terri's with terrorism aaahahahahahhahahahahahhaaha fucking morons

  9. jim morgan says:

    Oh my God, so everything ive been taught and views and opinions ive formed over the years are all wrong, and i should listen to you and follow what YOU say i do? How about this.. get fucked.

  10. darby lash says:

    Read your history books before you speak

  11. The problem with this is video is simple, America and Europe are not "the world" or the center of the universe according to the bible. Israel is, so when you make a video showing all of these killings and threats against American and European countries its holds no weight. If you are looking out side of Israel and the surrounding nations then you are using for signs that have little to no biblical significance. I am sure a lot of people realize this, hence the 400 thumbs down.

  12. Neo Juni says:

    first 2015 .. now 2016 and then 2017.. fuck this.. i hate waiting!

  13. 13ritalove says:

    The sda preach that USA is in the bible

  14. Estados Unidos si es mencionado en las profecías bíblicas, específicamente en Apocalipsis cap 13. La bestia con apariencia de cordero (El país protestante) pero que habla como dragón, y le rinde obediencia a la primera bestia (Roma y el papado-La gran ramera)

  15. Mrlz56 says:

    Babylon is not America / one nation under god. It is more likely to be modern day Rome. Empires hidden as is its power and control.

  16. ARENEE2283 says:

    You been talking about the end for years. I'm starting to think you don't know shit

  17. M Khan says:

    fucking idiot….
    wat about the peoples killed in afghanistan, iraq, syria and other muslim countries…

  18. Tom Clark says:

    Daniel also prophesied about the end times…

  19. he doesn't even know what he's talking about lol

  20. Sakia Earp says:

    You BETTER believe

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