Christian singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress Jeannie Ortega has recently published a post on breathecast.com entitled, “Questlove Recounts Illuminati …


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  1. RabiesPlanet says:

    That guardian angel is of course obviously a demon. No Angel would support sex rituals.

  2. Don Thrilla says:

    If one advances confidently in the direction of one's dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

  3. Hey bible flock box I would love for you to start talking to Kent Hovind he's another man of God he's a creationist. He exposed the lies of evolution, gives evidence of creation, and evidence of a young earth. But this man is has been in jail for 8 years, he's being prosecuted, I think you might know, if not look him up. Also if you have time watch this link, and in the description of that link it has Kent Hovinds websites. I would love for you to contact him from prison. Thanks I've been praying for people to contact Kent and put it on youtube because I cant


  4. Mateusz Loki says:

    It's funny how these people can openly do these evil things these days while about200 years ago and beyond you would have been burned at the stake for even looking at their garbage. The world is coming to an end and no one bats an eye

  5. I wonder if Beyonce was at those same parties getting banged?

  6. They have not existed since 1789

  7. These Journals are the words of Truth which God promised he would send forth at the endtimes

  8. Christian singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress Jeannie Ortega has recently published a post on breathecast.com entitled, "Questlove Recounts Illuminati Experience with Jay-Z", in which a former producer of Roc-A-Fella Records was said to have stated that Jay-Z invited him to an Occult-type sex party.

    Illuminati have alot to do with lots of this in your life from TV to the school your children go too and the food you eat !!!

  9. W. Bryant says:

    "… I party with weirdos…i'ont pop Molly I roc Tom Ford.."

  10. wow….now I know where the name Crowley comes from on the show supernatural

  11. Michael Yhwh says:

    i love sex 🙂

    good old str8 sex

    up dopamine up testosterone , growth hormone and up superantioxidants

  12. Porsha c says:

    love this guy ! "obviously a demon" lol

  13. isis egypt says:

    how does the guy even know that a sex party happened. it could have been a regular party and jay-z was just trying to punk him into to showing up naked.

  14. Don Green says:

    is he a reptilian hybrid any proof pics? Since the 90's nas told us he sold his soul i think he's a powerful shapeshifter if they feed off are energy shittt yall been to a jay-z show the room is full of it 100,000 ppl calling him HOVA aka GOD

  15. puma says:

    Yes,I saw Jay-Z in the sweat hoodie,I knew exactly where it came from. I read the book of the law.I was shocked.

  16. puma says:

    Yes,Sherita alot of poplar stuff has a root. I' ve read a lot of wicca. I have had experiences all my life. I have read alot the new testament after going through literal spiritual Hell to know,the bible is real. Don't reject it,it isn't worth the price. Having peace of mind is far worth all the money in the world.

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