Jean – Claude Van Damme exposes the families Illuminati bankers Rothschild and Rockefeller on tv direct


In this video I share a clip of the actor Jean – Claude Van Damme exposing the Illuminati Rothschild family of bankers and Rockefeller NWO ! At least he is aware …


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  1. Rick Amey says:

    but i understand why you are doing this, to get other people who have no clue whats going on interested. these people are fucking scum and need to be put an island and left there

  2. Semsem Eini says:

    You are a FOOOOOL.

  3. Capitalist wants to multiply his goods and profit by exploiting hired workers, but there is not alternative for creating beautiful, qualitative, useful goods.

  4. Maybe second coming will be on Easter Sunday.

  5. jacob barnet says:

    Most of the world lives in poverty,especially 3rd world countries which are the majority of global population.
    The western countries America Europe etc,have a great standard of living.
    Let's keep it that way.
    3rd world countries supply our needs for almost nothing.
    And you want to change this?
    Leave the illuminati alone….they are doing a great job of leading the free world.
    Unless you want South Africans and Indians earning the same amount as you…then they come to your country and start buying your houses etc…

  6. There is also a book called (The Builderburge's)! It name's, name's and our sweet little Shirley Temple Black was a part of it as a celebrity diplomat! Wasn't that just sweet!!! What a surprise? I've research this for over 20 some year's and you're right they have already given the okay for who's up next to play the puppet role! There are at least 7 governmental branches above President, that he is on a need to know bases with and to them, the President never needs to know not a D thing, so he infact doesn't run the country they do! A GREAT book to read or you can find it on the internet the book is (Trance-Formation Of American) this book is first hand discussion with President Reagan's personal SEX slave and her deprogrammer her name is Catherine O'Brien! It is a difficult read, for anyone who has suffered PTSD or child abuse of any kind! It will hook you into how Dick Chaney shot another hunter by accident, you realize that it was instinct, because of something he was accustomed to doing, that they discuss in the book!!! She describes penis size and shape's! Reagan fondness for snuff film's drugs, peeing in her mouth rather than the toilet and etc… The book is more indebt than the show interview! I had problems trying to get the book year's ago, but I refused to allow excuses, it took me a little over a month back then maybe 15 year's ago, something like that! Also Jessie Venture's show which they took of the air because he was making great headway on a lot of information about questions we all wanted answered to! He did a whole show on this topic it can be found probably on YouTube, it was several years ago, I suggest everyone watch all his show's that you can find, they all are extremely important and urgent, as well as informative about everything you ever wanted to know about certain things! 9/11- Vaccine's – FEMA Camp's -HARRP etc….

  7. Dave crabs says:

    SHU:T UP. You are talking out of your ass.

  8. Eyob I. says:

    Wayne why are you upset by the exposure of the fallen angel lucifer and his wicked children the illuminati? The world needs to wake up now!

  9. rw7aniat says:

    isreal need to go away and never come back

  10. do you know that the Queen of England is the biggest land owner on the planet and pm david Cameron's mother in-law is the 2nd biggest?

  11. Their "golden age" pfffftbb ya can't counterfeit something divine and think it's going to work against Him these fallen fools never get it. It's no golden age it's a dark age!

  12. well done Mario God bless you away,

  13. TEAM work says:

    why is it that every has been actor, now that they can't get any work anymore blame there failed career on the illuminati …

  14. Jules Jerome says:


  15. The French have done nothing for Americans.

  16. nickjcook says:

    I think it's naive to assume that 'the Rothschild's' are dominating global politics. They are just a very wealthy family with vast amounts of money. The Rothschild's don't even sit at the top of the social pyramid in England; the Royals and aristocrats have always, and will always look down on the Roth's as outsiders due to their Jewish origins and comparatively humble beginnings. The Roths are successful hard workers who built their own dynasty through savvy business practices and a wise inheritance system where titles or positions were given to those family members with the adequate qualities, not merely the first born. Perhaps in the 19th century the banking family had political influence, it would make sense considering they pretty much had Europe in their debt. But since then things have changed. The Rothschild's are no longer Europe's bankers, in the way they once were. I think there are others, much more powerful and influential, who are pulling the strings. Remember that power shifts all the time, it doesn't care who the host is.

  17. "in the land of the blind, the one eye man is king". the worst kind of prison is a one where u think u'r free, but u'r actually not. good job bro

  18. chevyridin86 says:

    dude we don't need hear your bullshit opinion we can see the translation.. just shows facts a proof and that's it I don't want hear your 2 cents I could care less.

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