Jesse Jackson Gets Booed Off Stage After Asking For Money


Race baiters have come to thrive in current times as the nation is run by Barack Obama. As anything that can be perverted into a race war is manipulated into such, whereas the likes of Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton always seem to pounce on the opportunity to stuff their pockets a bit in the mean time.

Jesse Jackson Gets Booed Off Stage After Asking For Money

Fortunately, one crowd quickly caught on to what Jackson was proposing and promptly booed him off stage.

As the likes of race baiters for profit continue to take advantage of the situation in Ferguson, both Sharpton and Jackson have made personal visits to the town in order to speak. Despite authorities voicing their concerns with the two coming to town as they always seem to make matters worse, both reverends just couldn’t pass up the financial potential.


Unlike in Florida during the days of Trayvon Martin however, the masses in Ferguson aren’t having any of it. During a get together featuring Jackson as the lead speaker, the crowd quickly burst into “boos” as soon as he started asking for donations to his church.

It seems that those in which Jackson and Sharpton have enslaved for so long are finally becoming aware of their captors as well as their true intentions.

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