Jesse Ventura – THE US have started WORLD WAR 3


Jesse Ventura – the United States began WORLD WAR 3 .


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  1. Both these guys talk shit where is the action! Navy Sodomite Seal!

  2. lfc lee says:

    This is a joke . Russia don't want a war it is all Fox News Bs that is laughable .

  3. The Swiss banks just started the ball rolling on the global economic collapse yesterday, 1/16/2015. Start getting ready people. This IS the year shit will start hitting the fan big time, beginning near the end of the year. Take advantage of the calm before the storm, because this is the last chance we'll have to start getting ready.

  4. Dave man says:

    Jessie is a pussy, your career was fake and U are a fuken HAS-BEEN, U suck

  5. Is it just me or is Jones's face rounder than normal? seems like it's losing definition all together. 

  6. Landotter1 says:

    Storms become typhoons when thery cross a certin longitudinal line. I forget which but until, they are hurricanes. In Baja, they are hurricanes. In Hawaii, they are hurricanes…. They only rotate the opposite direction to The US, when they are south of the equator. sheesh….

  7. marcos22571 says:

    Jesse Ventura has a big f*cking mouth!

  8. oh well shit happens  the new world power is russia and the peoples republic long live the republic

  9. of course it has welcome to canada comrades the usa is now canada hehehehe we win you lose

  10. I'm sorry, Jesse Ventura lost all credibility with me when he sued Chris Kyles widow! If he is a seal then he should understand there is a code of honor, that he trampled all over by SUEING a widow for millions she got from the Book Sales. Because he got put in his place by Kyle in a bar years ago. No wonder he is hiding in Mexico. He is afraid some ex-seal or other vet is going to take a piece out of him.

  11. Да не будет войны!чего вы паникуете????

  12. Jesse is the real deal.

  13. Mike Dowdy says:

    Jesse Ventura started the Veitnam War.

  14. alice dees says:

    You ppl on here make me sick putting down Alex and Jesse if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have a lot if knowledge we have now about our government if it wasn't for Alex we would have never known what goes on in Bilderberg.. In Jessie speaks out everyday against our government telling the people what they need to know. by the way if you don't like these two then why the f*** are you on this channel watching go watch the Teletubbies!!!

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