JFK – Freemason Speech


I’ll let the President speak for himself. Speech text: “I am delighted to say a few words about this administration’s policy which has been the subject of a good …


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  1. a president who did  not go along to get along….and today, our 1-world gov is doing (youtube search) "something u should no – storms & weather modification (geoengineering)"

  2. Kennedy knew some thought the presidency was just a showman.But Kennedy says that's not what the constitution says.Presidents are to serve the people not the showmen of politics.

  3. mimiguy 2 says:

    he never talked about the illuminati

  4. josoman312 says:

    It is clear this is about the soviet union at the time, it is obvious you didn't read up on anything.

  5. Rome says:

    Y'all the illuminati is only a small part.. The entire system is as follows:The Man of Earth Triad0°—MinervalI°—Man & BrotherII°—MagicianIII°—Master MagicianIV°—Perfect Magician & Companion of the Holy Royal Arch of EnochP.I.—Perfect Initiate, or Prince of JerusalemOutside all TriadsKnight of the East & WestThe Lover TriadV°—Sovereign Prince Rose-Croix, and Knight of the Pelican & EagleKnight of the Red Eagle, and Member of the Senate of Knight Hermetic PhilosophersVI°—Illustrious Knight (Templar) of the Order of Kadosch, and Companion of the Holy GraalGrand Inquisitor Commander, and Member of the Grand TribunalPrince of the Royal SecretVII°—Theoreticus, and Very Illustrious Sovereign Grand Inspector GeneralMagus of Light, and Bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica CatholicaGrandmaster of Light, and Inspector of Rites & DegreesThe Hermit TriadVIII°—Perfect Pontiff of the IlluminatiEpopt of the IlluminatiIX°—Initiate of the Sanctuary of the GnosisX°—Rex Summus SanctissimusXI°—Initiate of the Eleventh Degree (This degree is technical, and has no relation to the general plan of the Order)XII°—Frater Superior, and Outer Head of the Order

  6. daisyroots says:

    you can see the conviction in his eyes……such a great man.

  7. daisyroots says:

    you can see the conviction in his eyes……such a great man.

  8. Jesus Saves says:

    anyone know when this speech was made?

  9. Right after that he said the following: "and if the people think this is not what the President should be doing then they can elect themselves a new President of the United States". Please see JFK My Business Was Mankind here on youtube.

  10. Meanes says:

    wow make fun of jfk the assinated president the illuminati is bull shit

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