Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written – BBC News


Subscribe to BBC News www.youtube.com/bbcnews Stairway to Heaven was one of the biggest rock songs of the 1970s – loved, imitated and sometimes …


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  1. F. Fdez says:

    I once heard a classical music song that I swear inspired "Yesterday" by The Beatles, but the similarities in this song to that other song are strong.

  2. QuantumRift says:

    LOL…let's take a look. In late 1968, Led Zeppelin began touring in the U.S., opening for the band Spirit. "Stairway to Heaven" was released in 1971 (wink wink). "Taurus" and "Stairway" are both GOOD songs, and yes, they are similar in some respects. But it is enough, after what, 45 years, to file a lawsuit? Is it ploy to maximize any payout?

  3. MsDormy says:

    I thought it was a mellotron providing the recorder sound. Still, if Jimmy says it's a recorder, it must be!

  4. MsDormy says:

    Aww bless – at the word 'honesty' at 8.00 Jimmy's eyes flicker away from the camera….. must be hard to have this great song dragged through the mud, after all these years.

  5. even after 43 years it still rocks

  6. Bare Mare says:

    I'm a big, big fan of the backwards version. My buddy, Satan, thinks it was the best thing Led Zep ever did.

  7. Troy Hodges says:

    Taurus is a throw away song. There are four chords that match with the four chords at the intro to Stairway. If there is a settlement, pay out the trensic value of those three or four seconds and chords in the over all set up of the entire song  (Stairway). Those chords don't make up the back bone of the rhythm or the chord progression. Kind of like stealing the intro to Johnny B Goode and then playing a completely different song. Spirit should get a 3%/97% split…

  8. He's a gentleman who should produce this video in court for the US judge to decide the sincerity of how this song was written and that it was no a just case of stealing Spirit's riff.

  9. He will lose the lawsuit and should have owned up to the plagiarism long ago. Mind alteration is not a defense.

  10. Creativeo88 says:

    Spirit vs Zepplin. Taurus is very basic folk piece – a minor chord with a descending bass line. It's featured in many folk songs. Page drew his influences from folk, blues, ethnic and beyond. Stairway is a lot more sophisticated than Taurus. Both drew from similar influences. So both are rip offs. Ironically Babe I'm Going to Leave You is technically similar to Stairway. Also Why My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison). And the list goes on…back to Bouree by Bach, which sounds like… Stairway and Taurus (which even has cello like sounds). So basically both are a rip off of Bach.

  11. M.r. Moon says:

    With acknowledgements to the American band Spirit who wrote large swathes of the song.

  12. Noobsquadz says:

    If this was given as evidence against Spirit-Taurus it'll count against him, best be honest all songs are copied from somewhere else, very few are original

  13. Notta Victim says:

    "tell it to the Judge, Jimmy"

  14. Notta Victim says:

    "and she's buyyyyyying a lawsuit for in fringement"

  15. Randy California's Publishing Co' & Widow are out to get Jimmy Page's Money, They're Vampire's Jimmy Page won't pay Shit not a Dollar nor Dime, I think that this Lawsuit against Jimmy Page is Bullshit Like they say For the love of Money People will Turn into Vampire's

  16. They should have been suspicious to be invited to America by the president for a "free" awards show…

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