John Lebang Live ~ Are we headed for World War 3?


JOHN LEBANG LIVE IS SPONSORED BY TRIM-CO LLC (734) 687-2229 Russian Deputy PM Laughs at Obama’s Sanctions …


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  1. stacemart says:

    The 10 Chinese satellites up will make it hard to use the plane IF its still in the general vicinity.THAT (chinas eyes in the sky) was the biggest RED FLAG to me as to where the plane may be

  2. g0sth4ck3d says:

    The only thing to say for those bankers .. JUMP FUCKERS

  3. stacemart says:

    True..I agree

  4. g0sth4ck3d says:

    Sorry, should have used the correct term. banksters.

  5. blood moons age

  6. stacemart says:

    Thanks for your time ..good show my friend.

  7. i8topees says:

    Thanks …Peace! .V,,

  8. Fucking Rights and thanx to you

  9. your the shit bro

  10. Detroit Rockers!

  11. We need Troll-Fighters, like me =)

  12. forgive me, but I don't want to look at you while you talk, it's not eye to eye, but I agree with what you speaking. so far.  how about some posters? PLEASE!

  13. JP Singh says:

    Its has symptoms of WWII but nope. It won't be WW III. We have capability to crush Russia but smartness is to avert it and don't let him mover forward. Do we need to respond for Crimea, Heck ya but with international community. We don't want another cold war.Thanks for your video though.

  14. Legion Demia says:

    fuck trolls, love the hair bro. love the commentary ..keep up the fair and just news. peace

  15. Some of the current world leaders are crazy, a third world war wouldn't surprise me, but I can almost tell you for a fact that it will not go nuclear, have you ever heard of the term "MAD" Mutually Assured Destruction coined during the cold war? Basically if another world war went nuclear humanity and all other life on this planet would cease to exist, including the insane leaders that would make the call to push the button.

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