John Pilger on the Threat of World War Three (Going Underground)


Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the outcome of whoever wins the White House in November. Multi-award winning author and filmmaker John Pilger gives …


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  1. bulltraderpt says:

    John Pilger doesn't explain how else the US would have ended WWII they were never going to invade via the sea, the costs in terms of American lives would have been way too great, the US learnt that lesson when they took back Islands held by the Japs. Hence the two Nukes were the quickest way to bring the Japs to the surrender table. Pilger only offers criticisms, not answers. A moaning liberal who lives under other people's sacrifices.

  2. Whether you agree with John Pilger is not really the point, what is, is that in the sensible parts of the world all views can be openly discussed and expressed. When will Russia grow up and allow RT access (or other access for that matter) to those that dont hold "official" views as we do in the rest of the adult world?

  3. you Brits should know about the shadow government, and the military industrial complex.

  4. Check out John Pilgers documentaries for free on his vimeo here-

  5. MiG2880 says:

    Regarding Obamas visit to Hiroshima.. I don't know what disgusts me more.

    The brazen audacity and hypocrisy shown by Obama, in daring to presume the moral high ground.. Hell, even showing his face there after the atrocities caused by his country is akin to farting in the faces of the bereaved.

    Or the Japanese for allowing this obvious show of disrespect in the first place.

  6. a wise old gentleman ….. then we greenhorns watch and learn

  7. COD4JESSE says:

    John Pilger is simply a truth teller.

  8. Maree Hulm says:

    if the world had a thousand Pilger's speaking out the truth we'd have a lot more hope for a healthy planetary existence

  9. Phantasmos says:

    ¡¡fear mongering!!
    is believing gore less evil?

  10. ww3 is already in effect sadly..its a covert war inflicted on the mind.
    hence the oversaturation of media.

  11. obama is a straight face sociopath

  12. China Replaced Taiwan and Taiwan replaced China and NOT China replaces Japan in Mfg.

  13. Robert Lane says:

    He's a 'Traitorist Bastard' if it wasn't for those two "Big Bombs' dropped on the Japs another Million Allied Soldiers would have perished…!!! As another Australian I am certainly pleased with the results as this initiated the release of my brother from a Jap Slave Labour Camp amongst many others from many other countries…. All this; Oh, so sad that so many Japs perished from 'Nuclear Destruction' is all 'Leftest Crap'… This 'Feel Good Dog' brings "Shame to Our Country and upon Himself' I thank God for the 'Good Work of the USA' in bringing this abrupt halt to the 2nd W.W. Now because of so many; Post-Communist Eunicks like Pilger the USA has lost its 'Balls to Leftist Propaganda' time for men to stand up to these cunts…!!! Make your grandparents proud of you again…!!!

  14. Ollie Bri says:

    Honest person and a good listening too! Thanks!
    US, for a change, face the real warrior and then let us decide! Feel sorry for ppl.

  15. m134 ha says:


  16. redword2007 says:

    John Pilger is is an insightful truth teller. We ignore his warnings at our peril.

  17. the81kid says:

    Go from this to the entire mass media which has turned in unison to bowing to Hillary Clinton, copying/pasting every single campaign buzzword her team throws out, ignoring the issues threatening civilization to repeat her inane name-calling of Trump like a school child.

  18. Alvino A says:

    Just a comment: The U.S. does NOT have "the freest media in the world." Not even close …

  19. Kelly Calk says:

    I like John Pilger more or less. Less in the way he's always made his living reporting from war zones. As far in the rear as possible and attending the Pentagon Press briefings. Problem is he derives local grumblings into facts. Fact is the People on the ground in the zones, know less about whats going on than the average paperboy. There's a problem here with comparing Trump to Clinton. The difference is that Clinton never left the inside connections with the State Dept. Trump has Nothing and I mean Nothing, to work with, to develop a Foreign, or Domestic Policy to offer in the Election. He's kept in the Dark. Just like the Clinton's want it. We'''ll just have to wait till he wins. Which he will. Then he'll get access to State Secrets, and not before. So to say there is little difference one way, or the other, is Unfair. The most important thing, is to keep Hillary OUT. Sanders will Loose, so there's no point in even talking about his chances. This is the most important U.S.A. Election in living memory. People better start taking it serious. This isn't a cricket final. It's our Last Chance.

  20. DHammerr says:

    watched 9 minutes of this, NOTHING about ww3, nice deceptive title.

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