John Todd exposes his former family, the Illuminati


John Todd Collins of the Illuminati bloodline occultist relatives, the Collins, exposes the madness of the Illuminati right after becoming a Christian.


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  1. died 2007 in a mental hospital, after being arrested in like the late 80s for rape

  2. I have a tape of his that was made in the 70's.  This is different.  If you think that this is not recently recorded, how do you explain the actions he is talking about and the occurrences that are happening today?

  3. I'm having a hard time believing this dude because he is saying books written by H.P. Lovecraft are what they follow…

  4. Sound8Vision says:

    Lol it's Necronomicon not Necromonicon.

  5. He just mentioned that Pope Paul VI (actually he was an anti-pope as the Vatican has been infiltrated for a long, long time, but I digress….)  was still alive and sick, so John Todd had to be giving the presentation in  77 or 78 because Paul VI died in '78. 

  6. The world knows that 'John Todd' was a fake who is probably still in prison on sexual violence related crimes

  7. Snake Eyes40 says:

    He 'disappeared' after he blew the whistle on these crazy devil worshippers

  8. Sounds exactly what is happening now. Run from the cities, get back to simple.

  9. 1storegonkid says:

                            ONLY AS ONE
    Now this is the law of the jungle,
    As old and as true as the sky,
    And the wolf that shall keep it, will prosper,
    But the wolf that shall break it must die.

    As the vine that girdles the tree trunk,
    The law runneth forward and back.
    The strength of the pack is the wolf
    And the strength of the wolf is the pack.

    And this is the law of athletics,
    As true as the flight of the ball,
    And the player that keeps it shall prosper,
    But the player that breaks it must fall.

    As the ball and parts that it's made of
    Are bound and held fast with the seam,
    The strength of the team is the player,
    The strength of the player, the team.

  10. painter he was a painter 

  11. Raphael G says:

     John Todd: The Illuminati and witchcraft | James Japan in this link one will find all of Johnies tape recordings…the re-casting is good please add more clips thank you much.

  12. Why would Ayn Rand's books be mostly read by Communists??? That makes no sense.

  13. dgvc63 says:

    He claims to have read and touched the "Necro-mon-icon"  first of all there is no necronomicon and it would help if he at least pronounce the title correctly.  The necronomicon is a literally only a literary device used by H.P. Lovecraft for his Cthulhu Mythos stories.  The book literally DOES NOT EXIST.  I saw a blog asking "What ever happened to John Todd?" the answer is that people found out he was full of shit and he realized it and decided to find a better scam.

  14. Also check out Doc Joseph Marquis. He also escaped from the Illuminati when he was saved by God. He exposes it all. You can find his videos on YouTube. Some are under Joseph Marquis and some are listed as Doc Joseph Marquis.

  15. John Todd is a true Christian martyr that was waaaaay ahead of his time.  I suspect there have been many shills since then to cover up this man's work.  Thanks volhead49!  You can know that you have been a "repeater" of the true broadcast.  

  16. Al Clark says:

    The Collins brought witchcraft to the USA. In Salem ,MA. the truth is the witches in control killed Christians. Collins is used in Dark Shadows.

  17. alf landon says:

    He says they are most afraid of American gun owners. this is 35 years ago, They have gone full pedal to the metal on gun grabbing hoaxes since Obama was installed

  18. he said that Christians who don't know this stuff are safe, but once they know it they are damned if they don't do something about it, so he's sort of damning all the Christians who listen to him. according to his obviously mentally ill logic. cmon the panama canal was not blown up and we did give it up, do you really think 75% of the USA are witches? then or now? ridiculous, get a grip!

  19. Avengers 47 says:

    Oh no. John Todd is Satan (i.e. Satan is the Father of Lies – John 8:44). John Todd is not even his real name. His real name is Lance Collins. He was never in the illuminati Council of 13. His lies have all been well documented. Just for starters you can check out these links:

    John Todd was first exposed because he tried to & successfully bilked numerous churches in the late 70's. 

    Some interesting things John Todd AKA Lance Collins said about the NWO back in 1979:

    He states that over 90% of politicians in that thirteen‑state area received financial support from him and took orders regarding political decisions from him . . . On August 1, 1972 he saw a chart giving the plan for world takeover."

    The plans included electing Jimmy Carter president. The president was then to enact the following laws:
    1. New Gun Law to take away guns  from citizens.
    2. Removal of tax exemption from  churches.
    3. Genocide Act. (If you convert someone from another religion to your religion, then you are tried for murder.)
    4. Presidential Martial Law Powers.
    5. The Anti‑hoarding Act." (Outlaws all food and medical supplies from being stored)
    World War III‑Caused by Israel State battling over petrol, farmlands and chemicals, “ Plans for America . . . Calling for Helter Skelter.' (All trucks, trains, and ships stop. Charles Manson leads army of some 200,000 white prisoners and motorcycle club members to create mass insanity in the streets 6 months after his release by bombing churches, raping, murdering and other fear tactics.) … Destroy the monetary system. (All money, etc. becomes worthless) . . . Destroy all cropland. 'There will be nothing south of the Mason‑Dixon line over two inches high to the Rocky Mountains.' . . .

    I only have one thing to say U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-E-B-L-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is all documented in the Cornerstone Magazine article that is provided in the 2nd link.

  20. KMR2014 says:

    John Todd is a liar

  21. he is missing nobody has heard from him that's the thing if people call anyone crazy its dismissive I believe this dude 100% 

  22. James Samson says:

    mid to late 70s I believe

  23. ttsugarpop says:

    Do you hear what this man is saying? WOW, This Audio was made back in the 1970's and yet what he is saying is going on TODAY. Somebody said Todd was crazy & died in a mental ward or something like that, after exposing these Illuminists I wouldn't doubt that happened at all. Im sure they would track him down dope him up, lock him in a room with padded walls and label him a nut case. I tell you what though….he sure sounds far from crazy on this Audio.

  24. he worked in the music business, i think

  25. volhead49 says:

    Well he claims to have been born into the illuminati but before he became a christian he was in the army.

  26. volhead49 says:

    yeah i believe this was made in 1979.

  27. disdatorder says:

    This was uploaded recently but when was this recording done? Any idea?

  28. GwoodBloodz says:

    John Todd? what did he do pre being in the illuminati…. job?

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