Josie and the Pussycats – Illuminati Mind Control, Subliminal Messages, and Truth in Fiction


In this movie, we take a look at the movie Josie and the Pussycats to find the occult references and hidden meanings. The main subjects included in this movie …


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  1. This goes to show you can make symbolisms out of anything.

  2. If anybody wants to know who the real people behind the Illuminati are, they are an evil, devilish royal bloodline called the Rothschilds / Rockefeller who have existed since the beginning of time, even around the times when Jesus Christ was around. Whether you believe in religion or not, the fact is there does exist an evil, satanic worship family. The Rothschild own all the central banks, which their primary goal is to put everybody in the world under their financial debt, and through that it shakes people's confidence and sucks people's lives away. Even our founding forefathers have said that these evil Zionist Jews (Don't worry, REAL Jews are okay, but the Zionist Jews are the very first masks of evil that pretended to be the original Jews, but were masters of deception and lies), anyways, even our founding forefathers like Thomas Jefferson, George Washinton, and Andrew Jackson warned us about the evil Rothschild bloodline and how they have financially destroyed most of our world, in order to promote the NWO.

    A detailed analysis on the entire family history of the Rothschild is here: You will get to see how these guys control the music industry, news, media, movies(Hollywood), journalism, newspapers, and everything else related to the public daily feed.

  3. Hope this is to tongue-n-cheek. Couldn't sit through the whole thing as it was too 'clip heavy', but all I can say is 'duh.'

    None of the concepts presented in the film are horribly unique, and none of it is presented with a subtlety hinting that the 'knowledge' being shared is some sort of cloaked message to the audience.

    The theme is so bloody obvious and cliche that it barely seems worthy of mention!

  4. Barack Obama says:


  5. Morris S. says:

    They control people by consumerism making people IDIOTS.

  6. That "Target" symbol is illuminati related.

  7. when I watched this movie, I couldnt believe they exposed how they do all their stuff on media. #unfortunatelytrue

  8. Happythekatt says:

    Reason why I never follow fads >:/ I knew it was the illuminati
    Illuminati confirmed

  9. caessarion says:

    y iz thumbs down broke

  10. Vanessa Thai says:

    this was geniusly catered to young girls who actually loved josie and the pussycats. even if they didn't understand the media corruption, I'm sure it grew subliminal

  11. OMG!!!!! I can't believe you understood this!!! I love how you put this together it's completely brilliant!!!! This vid is a complete FACT….

  12. Ramon Ramos says:

    indeed this is the Ruth.good video..GOD BLESS keep UP the good work

  13. The crazier part is that the movie is actually really rare to find.?

  14. cwhite0681 says:

    no wonder all the black men get white grls it's all subliminal messaging.. go figure

  15. hey dude i acully am free minded strong minded iron willed thinker i acully 1 way or another battle the illumate in hollywood mostly fox and universal as well most recent jurassic world by universal its hidden muslum illmate messages 1 2 i even go as far 2 battle foxes top 2 shows american idol and cop show the shild both muzzy pro based linked 2 trhe illmate which ment if not free minded or free thinker like me if your not a drone u got no connections 2 those shows i lead a rebellion in cyberspace against the illmate youll notace even in our own gov barack obama w a host of others trump sanders all ties 2 illmate notace reason why hillarys taki ng the fall could coast her own life in short hillary remed her soul is in battle against the illmate notace the hidden subgotl message fox news im taking acule rare never before seen footage megyn kelly dana pernio ect not the fake fan edite youtube or facebook faulse trumped up paragagnida videos supporting defending mind control of fox news its links ties 2 the illmate fox news are new world order american idol the shild cop show new world order notace barack obama himself sanders trump not only news also some shows history discovery chennels in putcuulare illmate based ho it gets even better hidden my unpunshed dc marvel upcomming crossover catwoman part 1 of 3 part series in addtion foxes past ties with then bin laden al qeda nazi germany adulf hilter fox people drones traced as far back as gallio frounder of new world order of 1500s as well the knights tempare during the crusades fox is pure illmate not just music indestry hollywood movies notace crtics minplate adnces 2 watch a pulculer movie militi times think last years jurassic world notace most critcs illmate ties all call jurassic world not star wars force awakens top movie last year not so odd illmates working behind the scenes illmate goal destory god faith and bring the devil satanists 2 our world notace way all tribes love worship condi rice could condi be the a nti chirst reffenced in holly bible book revlations not so far feached dispte my mindless drone father micheal schwartz often denys think godzilla final wars 04 notace m based i n japan is reffenced my father wold be mind controled by this illmate m base i have no illmate based m base it clearly shows thats why facebook youtube welcomes my father sees me as total threat facebook most youtube all illmate based or new world order fact in 78 superman lex luther reffenaced chuwing gum rapper unlock serets of universe reffence 2 new world order or illmate hidden suble message notace in local papers news ect why only a paticller movie or movies are picked by illmate mean while others such as 08s dark knight expamle as singled out live rare unseen fox news footage fox friends rare episode notace fox friends singled out kat mcphee season 5 idol not bin laden boy taylor hicks there own words notace syls ties both illmate terrorist simon cowell who doule deals with terrorists finally notace chis pratts milpive iffance his last 2 movies jurassic world and guradins of galaxy new world order is right in your face ive been not just fighting evil gov and terrorisum ive also been fighting ive been fighting both occult and illmate both ties feed off eachother notace beyonce knowls shes new world oder illmate drone its all in catwoman dc v marvel universe crossover notace i often leave out illmate sybloes in my books insted in its place the holy cross smyloe or other sybloes not illmate based such as star of david or isrealie flag notace in my comic book series only the hly bible isnt just refenced diptcts militiu storys militi times opner proloue opn narration scene notace i use jahovah often as well a devine creator of universe not scinece unlike micheal schwartz my father pure illmate drone who like fox highjacked gov religion god holy bible very simller obama style metoed i however warn our veweirs what where facing notace fox news kim gilfolye often uses phase rare fottage accendents will happine on five shes deffely new world order illmate on foxes part if history dosnt coppate its history is changed ect.

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