Jr Smith Has Glitche, Illuminati, Mk Ultra Mind Control Meltdown W/Alter Ego


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  1. levi222 says:

    melt down Tuesday lol! God bless you and yours Paul.

  2. I'll never understand why people prostrate themselves to these sports and celebrity rejects for their comforting reassurance.. (smells like sarcasm) People started to awaken en masse, then they turned on their tel-aviv-isions and went right back to being societal rejects themselves — even worse off than they were before, believing even the most obvious lies.. Yes, your idol donald trump is not only controlled, not only a ruthless billionaire, but now he's the new puppet for your behind-the-scene masters (jewland,) – complete with constantly moving hands and gestures, stereotypical shit-spewing political drivel and cheezy-assed, face-reinforced annunciations! It isn't the man who makes up the rules and laws that apply only to you rejects — he's just the face! When are you idiots going to realize this? You are a conquered people. I guess you like living behind bars — as long as your daddy prezident tells you that it's a paradise and that you are special – no, exceptional, then I guess it's not an open-air prison — 'coz your daddy said so, and that makes you feel all warm and 'secure..'

  3. tyler durden says:

    "The Smith? coming out the shirt…. More then J.R. after the finals!"

    -Charlie Clips ?

  4. This is so devastating to learn that sports are rigged, that these athletes/entertainers/celebrities are under severe "Mind Control". They're also being used as puppets to promote numerous NWO/Monolithic agendas. JR was undergoing some type of salary struggle before the NBA season started. But it just seemed very strange to me as though something else was going on. He's in my prayers.

  5. These two could be lovers…

  6. JR Smith did used to suck, now he is a jump shooting MACHINE

  7. Julius R says:

    "All of a sudden I have a jumping banana in my head"? I truly hope he doesn't.

  8. Britney Spears got it bad……..

  9. im just thtowing thiz out there.

  10. The TV is fictional. Actors The government charade The pope politicians Parade. This could a subliminal suggestion suggested.Where is THE debunking vids you would expect Its more acting than real
    They Elite worst case scenario the 99revolution smashes the 1 percent blame the reptillian cloning labs

  11. Jim Butler says:

    It's the Medulla. That's the part of every human's brain that they control. That's why they say in sports "don't let him get inside your head."

  12. None of you watch basketball or at least follow this dude . He constantly does and says stupid shit . For absolutely no reason at all . Hence him not wearing a shirt for four straight days after the cabs won the championship.

  13. Satan owns these people. Athletes, movie stars, big time news personalities, politicians. Any one who is in a position of major influence and power has to sell out. I pray they come to the truth in Christ. God bless.

  14. ONE BROTHA says:

    AWWWWWW SHIT!……Here We Go!

  15. If you study Jung and Personas, you will understand all this in a different light.

  16. Control the idols, the sheep will follow. Baaah…

  17. ??? you mad reaching with this one bro!!!!!! soo you just make up Shit for click bait huh? … I ant mad at you Though, get that YouTube check ??

  18. You guys are fucking retarded lmao. illuminati and clones, stfu.

  19. Clint Lowman says:

    wrestling is rigged, professional sports is rigged, politics are rigged and most athletes have no father which makes a father figure that much more influential and sought after. but most are hybrid and raised like thoroughbred horses

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