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  1. Ben Wilson says:

    you should try and get this out to the world more people need to know

  2. Bane says:

    Will do Linol….we must keep fighting on against these Illuminati puppets the freedom fighters will eventually unite and destroy the Illuminati and the NWO will cease to exist…

  3. Bane says:

    And that is coming from a brainwashed zombie…..

  4. XxDemB0nesxX says:

    Boil dem cabbage down, down.
    Turn dem hoecakes 'round, 'round.
    The only song that I can sing is
    Boil dem cabbage down. 

  5. Jeff Foote says:

    nice to have found your channel my fellow Canadian! you have opened my mind and heart 🙂 what are your thoughts on "Victor", the guy who leaked the alien interview video some years ago? he mentioned the end of days would be near

  6. Hello my fellow canadian brother! Glad i could help!

    I agree indeed we are in the times of the end… Within years.. before Obama is done with his term possibly… Good to get prepared now! Remember… good always prevails in the end… 

  7. Thank you my friend! Share the video if you can! 🙂 

  8. farah f says:

    i don't know what's more scary illuminati or your look

  9. When he was on the Ellen show he said that he got the owl tattoo on tour and it symbolized courage and wisdom and one of his friends recommended the guy to do it in tour you dumb fuck, maybe you should be the one to rott in hell. Trying to shoot someone else down for doing so well because your gonna end up living in a fuckin dumpster with no life, people like you disgust me. How do YOU sleep at night.? Knowing that what you do is effecting so many other people, you quite frankly are a disgrace.

  10. Everyone look at The Ellen Show – Justin Bieber and you'll know the TRUTH!!

  11. You child are just in denial… You cant face reality and what is really happening because your in a brainwashed bieber trance… I truly hope you wake up before its to late, the NWO is already well underway..

    WAKE UP 

  12. You actually just hit it straight on there.. Yes our food and water is poisoned and thats a FACT! They put flouride in our water which is not for human consumption… And you mention the clouds well thats in the air and yes the air is poiseness to breath/// EVERYTHING IS CONTROLED BY THE NWO , YOU ARE A SLAVE…

    And no the money doesnt roll in … i hardly make anything i do it because i have EVIDENCE he is involved with the illuminati's plan… Picture proof! You cant argue with that zombie 

  13. No because he shows pyramid signs and 666 hand signs as you can see in the video… He also has illuminati tatoos… Bohemium grove owl, and an all seeing eye now… He also is in the mainstream "illuminati" buisness and works with several illuminati posers like drake and Usher.. He is showing his true colors, he is truly mainstream his music brainwashes people… AND HIS MUSIC IS SHIT! No talent.

    End of story please run along now you sheeple … the awakening has started you will see soon 

  14. Not the biggest fan… I preffer Grateful Dead and Jimi Hendrix and The Doors.. Real talented songs that arnt all mainstream and poppy. 

  15. I will look into it you never know.. But i will do some research and see if i find anything

  16. Ok continue being brainwashed somewhere else then… i tried .. you will either awake someday or go down with the NWO which is very soon to happen,… time you lift the veil! Now piss off if your gunna give attitude.. Thanks

  17. No attitude just honesty. Get a life. Maybe someday someone will listen but until then your no one to talk. Bye

  18. Oh really im nobody to tal eh? Lets look at the statistics because math never lies… You got 7 subscribers and 2 videos that equal 66 views… pretty pathetic, your a nobody…

    Now lets look at my stats shall we! 204 videos made! 1, 461 subscribers, total views = 486, 483 thousand! almost half a million! Not to mention my movement i started NWOFREEDOMFIGHTERS…

    I am someone to talk and ive been doing it and waking up changing peoples lives for almost three years… Your nobody to talk. 

  19. You, sir. Are hyped on superstitious claims no?

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