Justin Bieber EXPOSED – What Do Ü Mean Hidden ILLUMINATI Message (END TIMES)


What do you imply, Justin?
Evidence I did not tamper with the audio (other than slowing the tunes down): https://youtu.be/IAbKDAjfTwg
Explaination video: https://youtu.be/eKgso9RXUxs

Now is the time for you to wake up.
Be part of me.

Getting out what Justin Bieber indicates.

What Do You Imply Illuminati Concept

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25 Responses

  1. this video is so stupid because Justin Bieber is a real Christian!

  2. samie22818 says:

    yo there's illuminati symbols at 1:44

  3. It dosent sound anything like it says on the screen…

  4. Liv and Nati says:

    Um that song is what do u mean but the video is where r u now that I need ya

  5. sounds like horible virus attacking my computer

  6. Aymen Sabah says:

    Apparently every song that is played backwards is supposedly evil

  7. you bad people putting so much rubbish into young people minds you really should think off then not just money you are cruel and not thinking of young kids you are fighing them ok please stop saying rubbish

  8. No No No not saying I'm a fan of jb but he is doing a secret message to try to tell us the illuminati is murderer in people

  9. Why do I watch this at night

  10. Lps Lynn says:

    1:56 anyone see that? wow.

  11. Lps Lynn says:

    His Master-
    maybe his PARENTS?!?

  12. Elder Maxson says:


  13. he probably didn't know It said that

  14. hugo iusteli says:

    when i talk about illuminati to my friends . they keep telling me i believe those stupid shit

  15. Omari Bih says:

    I was die laughing when I seen that white supposed to be Jesus???!! That's not him he's black.

  16. James Jack says:

    holy shit!!

    stop the video at 2:45 shit makes me nervous right now with that fucking satan weapon and stop it at 2:44 shit its true that devil horn and tail

  17. just kidding just kidding


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