Justin Bieber Parties W/ New Girlfriend – Taylor Swift & Tom Hiddleston Red Carpet Official? (DHR)


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  1. Priya Sarola says:

    every week with a new girl justin. Not expected from you :(

  2. Cat Peach says:

    Justin is a player.

  3. I feel like it's ok to lipsync a song or two if you are doing a really huge performance, full of dancing and things that would leave you out of breath (acrobatic type things) but he's not doing that.

  4. L HK says:

    "You shouldn't be a pop star if you can sing and dance live"
    How about Taylor Swift?

  5. I feel like these two keep bashing each other… Just give us ryland

  6. do they still get the views if we watch half of the video?

  7. Saloni K says:

    lip syncing is right. WTF? fans pay alot to see and listen to their fav artists. its so wrong for you to say that lip syncing is ok. because its not.

  8. Sorry, but Beyoncé doesn't sing it all her selve when she is also dancing. She sings life ofcause, but only parts of the song and the rest is done by other back singers or something like that. Kendall is doing a great job and she isn't even that beautiful, but she has the right body for this kind of modeling, a bit aux naturel, unlike Kylie, who already has a certain edgy look. Not that she can't model, but more as herself in the way she looks normally, just in other clothes or make up, but she kinda has her own style, wich I like a bit more than Kendall her look, allthough she can morph herself into anything beautiful as well. Both are looking good to be honoust and one day Kylie looks better and visa versa. ??♍??

  9. heard of marching band Erin? try playing an instrument and marching a hard show. I think the fans should get what they paid for. A LIVE PERFORMANCE.

  10. in themix says:

    Justin was doing a lame show in Detroit also.  just doesn't try sometimes.  there is no excuse for it.  people don't pay for dancing, they pay for singing.  selfish.

  11. It would be fucked up if he has something and just be passing it around…

  12. Liana Moreno says:

    "She looks like grim reaper who loves puma" ??? hilarious

  13. why design everyone talk with that weird , "ohhh mahhhh gawwwd" thing? so fake and annoying.

  14. St'pher 02 says:

    But Kylie is king kylie

  15. How can anybody fall in love with Justin BWEEEBAH!? Seriously, the loser's the most annoying idiot I've ever seen!

  16. I have to turn from this channel because it is getting obnoxious to have to listen to these two as they seek to sound just like the Kardashians with the up and down tones of their voices.

  17. i don't think lip sync is okay at all. whenever i go to a concert, i go there to hear them live. i don't care about how they dance bc music is all about hearing…^^

  18. justin is going to end up with HIV

  19. Fadi Ghanem says:

    Peep Kesha when they showed Taylor's following list yay

  20. deemaaln_ says:

    I don't think he's going to have a "stable" relationship until the tour is over. I don't think anyone remembers but before the tour he said he wanted to be single. I don't know that's my opinion.

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