Justin Sings Karaoke & Selena Gets A Movie Trailer – Kylie Jenner Starts New Fashion Trend (DHR)


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  1. I agree with Seth Joseph like I've seen that trend before

  2. Sex and the city *

  3. Taia Bissias says:

    I can't wait until April!!!!! I want PLL to be back in January at least! ?

  4. Kezia Amos says:

    Those jeans have been around for ages , when it started girls got severely slut shamed for wearing them, might make it popular, but she didn't start it

  5. Let Reys says:

    clevver hates selena im pretty sure

  6. jb is back on instagram

  7. Nazira B says:

    Kylie's got butt implants…. No wonder.

  8. He didnt even thank us beliebers and that's why the #BeliebersRoastJustinParty started on Twitter.

  9. You to girls are killing it u guys look so gorgeous ☺️??

  10. Are you people seriously getting upset with Kylie because she wore something she liked? She never said she owned it or invented it. She didn't ask for it to be a trend. Literally if it weren't for Kylie millions of people wouldn't know about these jeans. Calm down
    And it was a trend then but now it is again

  11. blackunicorn says:

    Kylie just took a hoe trend and made it famous….So how is Blac Chyna trying to be Kim so many people did that same shoot(lack of better wording)……I really hope Selena feels better…. and let's be honest Taylor is not like us "normal" people.

  12. I'm conflicted cuz I want my questions answered but on the other side I don't want pll 2 end?

  13. You're stupid Kylie isn't the person to start the trend.

  14. Taylor actually looks pretty without make-up

  15. I literally love this video!! my favs…. pll, jelena drama, taylor swift and blake lively…. omg this vid is THE BOMB

  16. I'm OBBSESSED with PLL….. I hope they are making a movie. time flys so fast.

  17. I live in Texas maybe I'll see Selena ?

  18. I agree with what that girl said about maybe taking a turn and leaving Instagram is good because I think he wants to take a break and he maybe did that so obsessive Selena can't bother him anymore

  19. Mirel Maham says:

    I love justin. He's just real and is not afraid to show it. People talk to much shit and that's why he's so exhausted !!

  20. Are you girls wearing tips from express? I liked Erin's

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