JUUL by PAX Labs BEST ECIG for Beginners! Great after Sex!


Closest thing to a real cigarette that I have found and actually easier to use! A satisfying vape indeed. The thumbnail you ask? that part starts at 3:22.


Check out my e-liquid, Zophielicious 🙂
There’s Pineapple Cream & Apple Strawberry. Pineapple Cream is barely sweet, it’s for pineapple lovers that just want a juice you can vape all day long. I vape the crap out of it. The Apple is predominant in the Apple Strawberry. But this is what I taste.

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25 Responses

  1. Great video as always Zophie. Shame some people don't realise you're taking the piss out of infomercials (I think that's what you call them, I'm in the UK) and you don't actually talk like that normally!

    As a complete techno geek, I actually want a Juul now, even though I don't need one as I've been vaping for years and have enough gear to open a shop! Looks like a great device for new vapers as it's quick and easy (and seasoned ones that want a cheeky stealth vape)

    I think you look great BTW. F*** the haters.

  2. You're so funny, Zophie! Love ya. Keep it up.

  3. Steve Manos says:

    If a single person was moved to vape because of THIS video, they will be on the news within 6 weeks for a mech blowing up in there face. Thankyou

  4. JustSomeGuy says:

    Say… you look pretty good disheveled. I do hope more people take you up on transitioning using devices like this. We need all the voters we can get.

  5. Amy B says:

    Great video, Zophie. Ur sarcasm cracks me up. ??? And I agree — this is the device I recommend to smokers who want to try vaping.

  6. lmao this was funny!

  7. Baator says:

    Her channel is getting better and better. Most reviewers have a standard, boring format that they stick to by now, but with Zophie every video has something fresh and funny. Good for her, she's trying harder than most reviewers, she deserves her channel to grow.

  8. Johnny Mills says:

    nice review, u r funny . thanks for making me laugh

  9. Ben Jones says:

    Is she having a constant stroke during the video? Like pulling to her right hand side

  10. adorable although that face circus…

  11. You need to try the Eleaf Icare if you haven't : way better than this and also smaller!

  12. Blade Dreams says:

    apparently, other watchers don't watch your videos. … don't get your humor or sarcasm. to bad for them. lol
    keep doing what your doing, it's great !

  13. Nice one, put a smile on my face.

  14. Peter Na says:

    always love your video,pretty

  15. Piko 786 says:

    Whys everyone hating on zophie ? so what if she's looking older , she's obviously going through something

  16. клевая баба, я бы вдул

  17. Dawn Zaffuto says:

    OMG your soo freaking funny!!!! loved the review, I do wake up at night and vape but that means I have to wake hubby by getting up lol, this I could easily keep on stand and take a hit and hubby could just keep on snoring ….lmao

  18. Ian Thomas says:

    Wicked video – thanks Zophie

  19. and now your promoting sex, thanks zophie

  20. Paul Jones says:

    And that ending style again ?

  21. OMG I'm lmao. Great vid. And yes, getting one for the wife! Great Review approach!!

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