“Katy Perry is Actually JonBenet Ramsey” (Illuminati Psy-Op EXPOSED)


The elite are trying to mud the waters by spreading disinformation non-sense like this! Don’t fall for the idea that people who question the official story are that …


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  1. This guy is a mental case , lives in a wacky land his brain LMAO. Hey man lm ELVIS replying to your dick head statement.

  2. thrice bang says:

    what kind of Christian uses a dead child in this way

  3. Coffee calling the kettle black

  4. This is so not true her Mystery was solved today Jonbenet Ramsey was killed by a man named Michael

  5. chuck lumba late mayor of jackson,mississippi was 2pac shakur lawyer he had different name in the 70s wanted to bring new africa to america way back he was killed whom kenneth strokes claimed by people in higher powers….just as bill clinton claim on tv he gave no order to kill the davidians or send troops in on them he likes little kids and would not hurt them.he said on tv that higher powers over him gave janet reno the powers…hillary not going to win she hated by the overlords,,she would start wars,ban videogames,tax the internet and regulate it then destroy it with killswitch…she would bring wars to the usa allow isis to come in here after she ban guns..she would start major wars and bring hell on the usa..she would be coorupt as brazil president woman now facing impeachment soon…bill clinton he signed the gay law act dont tell dont ask this he thought was only marriage for a woman and man by laws…he also banned certain legal xxx,,he also banned stuff and made fcc and this why we got rating system and use be none…nes games had no ratings nore movies back then…he sign in the law to end welfare and also sign law to go after black people…spike lee not for his ass or hillary anymore he pissed many off…this why everyone need to vote for bernie and trump only no one else….hillary will use the vchip on the internet..i heard she going destroy comicbook films if she wins and ban the walking dead and other shows…you saw how she cause the crash of 1999 of comicbooks with the comic code….she as senator went after grand theft auto and manhunt so bad like she was stupid….

  6. Considering there are people out there who don't know triceratops are extinct or that can't tell the difference between a dinosaur and a rhinoceros, yes I can see a lot of people taking this as truth.

  7. David Meier says:

    this is just a joke, right?

  8. Deb T says:

    Very sad. Let that precious little girl RIP.

  9. Deriko says:

    Beyonce' is Harriet Tubman

  10. Stephen dyer says:

    This guy seems to have it all figured out.

  11. Katy Perry was a teenager when JonBenet Ramsey was killed. So how in the hell are they the same person?

  12. Katy Perry doesn't have blonde hair her natural hair colour is brown

  13. This is fake I can tell

  14. 85% of the world is blind to people who do stuff like this i believe the family did it the parents have no emotion talking about it really doesn't seem like they care. smh

  15. tugg59 says:

    i,m spartacus

  16. I saw this video a few years back that claimed Obama is King Tutankhamun.

  17. Donald Trump is Owen Wilson. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  18. Thank u for exposing this empire of liars'

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