Kendall Jenner Attacked By Demons – Illuminati Puppet – Sleep Paralysis


In an up and coming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner reveals that she is suffering from sleep paralysis, a condition that causes …


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  1. I agree with you brother my brother had sleep paralysis last week and he told me he was freaking out. I just dont agree horror films can summon demons, tel me why it can if u will,

  2. what is the illuminati?

  3. I pray nobody else has to experience this!! Sleep paralysis first started for me a couple years ago. I had got into esoteric knowledge, and was astral projecting etc. Well i started using "spirit boxes" they should be called demon walkie talkies.. They are real and a direct line to hell. My first experience i will never forget. I woke up at 3 am frozen. Heard a sound i can compare to a football stadium full of flies buzzing. I saw dark figures walking around my room. Next one of the proceeded to lift the top half of my body up between sitting upright and laying down a position that would be incredibly hard to get in on my own. I felt electricity shooting through my body like electrocution.. This demon was trying to pull my spirit from my body. The whole week after that i had sleep paralysis every single night multiple times a night. Since then it has been an occasional thing but always horrifying. I have seen the classic looking gray aliens, dark figures that look like they are covered in black oil. When you come face to face with a demon the feeling it creates is worse than dying. I've died before, and been brought back but this is worse its like fear surging through every cell in your body. Yeshua is the answer and our father Yahweh or YHWH. If you are experiencing sleep paralysis pray to Jesus to set you free. Demons cannot stand Jesus and they flee!! If you are unable to open your mouth and speak pray in your mind to our Father in heaven and ask for him to stop it in Jesus's name! This stuff is very real and no matter what "professionals" explain it away as it is simply a demon trying to control your body when you are in a weakened vulnerable state. After getting baptized and professing my faith in Jesus to others it has stopped almost completely. I have experienced being choked in my sleep, being pushed out of my body unwillingly, and have seen demons face to face. I used to be into satanism in my younger years. God, Jesus, Angels, demons,the devil, and all other kinds of things exist. The most high created all kinds of beings, and dimensions. The world is much more complex than it is presented to us. I may be called crazy, but Jesus Christ has freed me from a life of drugs, fornication, sorcery, and all kinds of evil stuff. He has saved me from death on too many occasions. Have faith.."Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." The devil or whatever the evil entity is called will come to you in a heartbeat. The most high is everywhere at all times and with you even if you dont see or believe in him. God wants you to have faith when you cannot see him, and everyone says your crazy and he doesnt exist. I promise if you have true faith in the Father, and the Son Jesus he will make his presence known. You can see God in every situation in your life if you really desire to see. This life contains alot of things you have to see to believe for most. I commend people who didnt need to see hell to see God. The creator let me walk into hell, and experience true evil, and taste the consequences to my actions because it led me to true belief in him. God bless!!

  4. Miguel116 says:

    hey I just wanted to know if some similar attacks have happened to u
    1.scary face with black eye and mouth come straight at u while in sleep paralysis
    2.demon jumps on back while Wwe is on and the most blatantly obvious Illuminardy characters come out the ascension
    3.u get sleep paralysis feel like ur in a wind tunnel getting the energy sucked out of u and in this one I called out Jesus and I remember I heard like a super loud crash like if an angel or something with metal armor had tackled whatever was on top of me.
    (please keep in mind that most of the times I always call JESUS but it feels like in my dream/awake part my mouth can't move like if they where trying to prevent me but then I say it only in thought and sleep paralysis goes away)

  5. Carter James says:

    Sleep paralysis is normal, everyone goes through it at some stage.

  6. so many cares JESUS SAVES.

  7. Had this happen to me several times. Can't move or talk but can see. The last time it was a dark shadow hovering over me.

  8. i get this and i wake up after sometimes like im getting ready to punch something

  9. I totally agree with you

  10. SOLACE214 says:

    A few years ago I had this happen to me during a very difficult period in my life but experts say it is due to stress. Honestly it was a very horrifying feeling that I will never forget. I don't wish that on anybody.

  11. when I was 9 it happen to me all the time

  12. chinaG says:

    I hope that those of you who suffer from SP are not comparing your situation with Kendall Jenner or any one else for that matter. While this channel may be informative in its own right opinion is not always fact, nor should you begin to worry that you have done something out of balance in the ether and a dark demonic entity attached to you . A different way to look at SP is your body being emotionally exhausted and fatigued. Each time you rest your body is signaling to you if it is charged, in KJs life she fly's constantly in and out of different time zones, has a diet of less than 1500 cals most likely, deals with an on camera family at all times, does things we aren't able to see…This kid is barely 22 and sounds like she just needs to relax without onlookers expectations. Most of the time people just need to find time to heal themselves.

  13. Andrea Ante says:

    That's means that Kendall did not praying to God and didn't go to church and is not Catholic? Really? But I think this is normal to the people who had working and working and no break time to rest a bit like Selena Gomez but if this true I hope she will overcome it and recover to this illness I know that God can help her and I know in my heart that she was praying to God every day and I hope this illness will gone so that she will feel better and also maybe she had that illness it's because she thinking someone or scared of something that's why she got that illness and Let's pray for her that's her illness is normal and has a treatment for that illness.

  14. If u suffer from sleep paralysis . Avoid sleeping on your back !

  15. Chris O'neal says:

    this happens to me sometimes but all u havevto do is read the bible and pray. It works for me?

  16. George K says:

    Jesus Christ is the solution. The King of Kings Lord or Lords…

  17. youtube user says:

    this has happened to me several times, it all stopped a few yrs ago when i called on Jesus and prayed with an experienced Christian who specializes in deliverance from unclean spirits. i also repented for dabbling in the occult and sexual indiscretions. life is not a game. go with God

  18. Matt Cox says:

    There is a function in your mind that restricts voluntary movement while sleeping. Sleep paralysis occurs when the termination of that function is not synchronous with your regaining consciousness.

  19. I DONT CARE !!! Fuck all the Kuntdashians !!

  20. Liban says:

    It rarely happens to me but the last one I had was 2 years ago. I was in the same bed I was sleeping and the room wasn't even dark it was morning while the sun was shining and I didn't feel like I had trouble breathing. I saw someone near the wardrobe that resembled my sister but the face was something frightening. I then woke up and didn't tell anyone about it, I just acted normal.

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