Kendrick Lamar Breaks Down Tracks From ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ (Pt. 1) | MTV News


Kendrick Lamar sits down with Rob Markman for an intimate interview where they discuss songs from the new album.

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21 Responses

  1. M like watching this video like for the 5th tym

  2. I love the interviewer very down to earth and humble like kendrick

  3. CAP10 says:

    7:50, the inner boy of the interview came out when kendrick lamar acknowledges his knowledge of rhyme scheme.

  4. Ali Khan says:

    Is he PAC reincarnated?. He must be

  5. Don't Worry says:

    2 Pimp A Caterpillar = 2Pac ???

    My mind is blown…

  6. Mehra Ahsan says:

    I still haven't gotten over the fact that Taylor Swift's bubblegum pop album about her ex-boyfriends won the Grammy for album of the year, INSTEAD THIS MASTERPIECE. The Grammys get it wrong every single time. They're always discrediting the major contribution that black artists are making towards reinventing hip-hop/r&b/music.

  7. SirClark says:

    I love when an artist says that they love their work so much.

  8. A J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar collab ??

  9. the man is special the man Is something we can all learn from

  10. Whats up with all the folk going crazy over this guy. Bitch can't write a song by himself.

  11. Call me stupid but what do they mean with "Ghost rider", what does that mean?

  12. He's so down to Earth.

  13. MrMultiAlber says:

    here you have a guy with a very average voice and a guy with a very unique voice

  14. Dee Yopes says:

    Kendrick and Logic are the best in the game for sure. Would love to see a collab.

  15. SakshatKC says:

    Imagine what his next albums gon be like

  16. CAP10 says:

    what is "ghost rider"…I don't think they're referring to moving around a moving vehicle with no driver.

  17. Kendrick Lamar is a very attractive young man.

  18. Neo Nathan says:

    Y'all fucking each other. some gay shit

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