Kendrick Lamar On How He Wrote ‘King Kunta’


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  1. TTC says:

    My mum made me watch Roots it was a good series buy emotional????????King Kunta 

  2. D'Vac Munroe says:

    But a rapper with a ghost writer? What the f*** happened?
    (Oh no!)
    Its like Kendrick saw it coming..

  3. How he wrote it? Its a sample of another song, with some shit lyrics added on top. Negro wrote nada. Please. And stop putting white women up on a pedestal. Sure white women are more feminine and better looking than black hoes, but we need to give out female negro monsters a chance. Peace.

  4. Nigga really is G.O.A.T

  5. Angie T says:

    I listen to King Kunta at least five times a day…. lol

  6. Mac Holder says:

    I love how he said made it past 25 cause that how old pac was when he went

  7. King you the best#lamar

  8. Kendricks new album isn't as good as his other one like , the whole album he sounds like his voice got higher and his voice is flat he's just like the game he made one album got really big and famous and then the second album wasn't as Good he's trying to bring g funk back and it's dead and gone man

  9. NOCDIB says:

    He studied the cadence of James Brown. This is why he's a legend and clowns like Young Thug will soon be forgotten.

  10. joshua young says:

    Kendrick be on something bra he say he don't smoke but damn

  11. Tom Jones says:

    Lost a bit of respect for him when he mentions the "forces of God".

  12. Kendrick lamar how did you do your hair like that that's tight

  13. Alexis J says:

    i really enjoyed hearing him speak about this! the personal touch to this track is really cool

  14. toonpik7 says:

    How can he say so little in so many words. His music is great, but maybe he should get a script writer.

  15. Hahahahaa-Lira Galore!!!

  16. Donte Bell says:

    I got a BONE 2 Pick !!

  17. FruityPearls says:

    His dance moves (:

  18. The Suga Free influence is dope

  19. M. smith says:

    The matter of respect I have for this man is incredible , it's hard to find individuals in this generation such as him with a mind and style of their own !

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