Kendrick Lamar Sold His Soul To Satan?! Kendrick Exposes The Illuminati Industry


Did Kendrick Lamar sell his soul to Lucy aka lucifer Follow me on Twitter Support Us On Patreon. Your help will be greatly …


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  1. Salman Ali says:

    its not him selling out, its like a battle within himself like with dmx and damien

  2. Unbelievable we all struggle in our own different ways with this world smh he bold to put out his thoughts and his struggle with temptation smh prayer is power we all need it

  3. kendric lamar fell off

  4. If you watch Kendrick Lamar- God is Gangsta the answer you seek will be answered from my understanding I say no he didn't if you pay very close attention to the video

  5. astien perez says:

    I dont understand how people can read the lyrics and still put up a argument smh…he clearly sold his soul

  6. Who hasn't??Seems like every rapper who makes it has apparently sold his sole!

  7. Nobody wants to speak on how Jay Electronica is basically not allowed to release an album lmao After his verse on that nigga we made it beat I think they told him to shut his mouth real quick. He was getting a lil deep in the shit he was saying.

  8. Pressxre says:

    Appreciate the video, irrefutable and valid points !

  9. "I'm just fortunate enough to translate those "temptations" into music"…Is that a good thing?  I definitely wouldn't want my kids listening to this guy.   "He's a voice for people who cant express themselves?"  What?????…………. This guy is gone with no coming back.  There is no way, I will sit here and continue to listen to this guy invoke the devil and be cool with it.  "Lucy is one of his favourite records….because what????? say no more.  I've been hearing wayyyy too much about this guy, and for a some good reason, I never felt the need to look into him, until I saw this post.  Thanks Vigilant Christian for proving to myself that all this new music is a shame and a damn waste of my time and soul.

  10. Janae Turner says:

    well would you sell your soul for just 1$?

  11. TheAndreCato says:

    I think if you go listen to Swimming Pools. I was in a dark room looking to make a vow soon? If you look at the video there are pentagrams, light barer, demons, it's even a tad homoerotic at the end. The fall into the pool suggestive of death and rebirth?
    The video for the second single has duality and death and rebirth in the "
    Bitch Dont Kill My Vibe. ' I can feel the changes, I can feel the new life…..

  12. Chill…. the contract made him into devil that's all… he knew there are the money at there…

  13. i think that in for sale he means that lucy almost confinced k dot to sell out

  14. Kendrick get back into the light please. Tell that devil to move on.

  15. at the end when you played the song where he said he would not sell his soul to the devil

    kendrick is christian

  16. so…. Who ain't evil. the world is ,

  17. johannes v says:

    " The evils of Lucy was all around me"

  18. please dont do it kendrick stay with god

  19. DobesPlace says:

    Christians love talking about illuminati but don't know we're all part of the illuminati system. How bout drinking blood and eating flesh they love? That's not demonic? A God that sacrifices people because he's jealous? ?

  20. SuperAcedos says:

    Lamar is a boule chic

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