Khazar Empire, Illuminati and The New World Order part 3



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  1. @zephranna01 According to Freemason, Albert Pike, in his writing Morals and Dogma, the god of the Freemason or Illuminati, at least at the 33rd degree & above is Lucifer.

  2. @vincent4500 None of the religions you are calling Abrahamic are Abrahamic.. Christianity throws the law away and attempts to create a Gentile covenant where none exists. It takes all of Europe's pagan deities and their characteristics and creates a character named "Jesus" or Esus, which if you do the research you will find is MERCURY / ZEUS.. and not Yahushua. Islam came after that and borrows from that. Judiasm is of the Pharisees & Nullifies the laws of Moses. All false systems. not Abrahams

  3. Virginia & N. Carolina had outlawed slavery before the civil war? Wow.. never heard that .. I am going to have to look that up.

  4. JAHsh says:

    @zephranna01 WORD ,mtv dayumn!

  5. JAHsh says:

    @donewithitall1 it's fucking sick! i hope they all are brought to justice ,through us or a legal LEGAL system!

  6. pratasvid says:

    oh ye look at his face he is lying like lie god

  7. I would guess that the Third World War is the one described in George Orwell's 1984, the war we're fighting now, which I heard General Petraus call the Long War.

  8. absalom0412 says:

    Please, the illuminati and the Rothschilds control the LEGAL system. The only way to bring them to justice is to kill them or wake up millions of people to rise up against them, but that won't happen cause everyone's sleepin.

  9. absalom0412 says:

    It is, the roman catholic church created Islam around 700-800ad as a way to control the arabs, but it backfired. Muhammad's job was to spread the religion, which he did.

  10. absalom0412 says:

    NO, islam is a lie, Ps 96:5

  11. BlackSemitic says:

    Blacks are the real Jews and Canaanites. Israelis and Palestinians are fake white impostors.

  12. skipp311 says:


    Don't forget, the Egyptians where also black.

  13. BlackSemitic says:

    @skipp311 Egyptians as well, you are right brother.

  14. truthman600 says:

    islam was sent down by GOD & it was established by GOD 2 protect true monotheism bcoz christianity was already compromised & infiltrated by the illuminati jews of that time.
    islam re-established the true teachings of jesus & moses which unfortunately were completely destroyed by paul & his followers.
    that's the reason in today's world the illuminati zionist gangs r focusing all their attention 2 demonize islam bcoz they could not infiltrate islam the way they did with christianity.

  15. truthman600 says:

    cant u ppl see why this zionist gangs have attacked muslim lands bcoz they know it will b the islam & muslims who r a great threat 2 their nwo plans & they probably know islamic theology that it will b muslims who will b part of jesus's army 2 reclaim the holyland from them.
    it is the same mentality at work like the fero of the old times who wanted 2 get rid of every male hebrew child in egypt bcoz he was told that his power will b crushed by a hebrew child(moses).the same thing is repeating.

  16. TheFeralFury says:

    Where does he get the information that abraham lincoln's real name was springstein? Not doubting it, I just don't know where this information is coming from.

  17. 8SwiftAgent8 says:

    @BlackSemitic LMFAO!

  18. Chris Doss says:

    It;s awesome how ignorant he is. It's a tour-de-force of bullshit.

  19. Jiwbink w says:


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