KILLER REVEALED “Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey?” 2015 Documentary


YOUTUBE CHANNEL EXCLUSIVE: Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? A Michael Piehl Film. A newly released documentary detailing the facts in the JonBenet …


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  1. yeah if you watch the haunting evidence of Jon Benet Ramsey you'll find out it was someone that knew that little girl he was obsessed with Jon Benet he's a security guard somewhere they believe he doesn't live in Boulder Colorado they think he lives in Virginia is what the psychics are saying

  2. Terry B B says:

    So again today, this thread will be flooded with outdated lies the Ramsey family.

  3. Terry B B says:

    So, again today this thread will be flooded with outdated lies about the Ramsey family. It never was legitimate to suspect the Ramsey's in the first place, that's what the evidence clearly shows. The person(s) behind the premeditated Ramsey murder are very worried about exposure, as they should be.

  4. Terry B B says:

    So today, the anti Ramsey trolls use the handle "skyhighluva" and Booger Jones…or whatever.

  5. Bugar Jones says:

    So apparently the cold case unit tried to get Burke to talk to them in 2009 and he refused. One would think he would want to help find his little sister's killer?? Hmmmmm.

  6. Pretty Bear says:

    I think Patsy Ramsey was the killer she acts very elusive and her body language makes her look guilty. She's avoiding eye contact, she's playing to dumb for a parent who had her kid murdered, she has no empathy, no remorse and she seems very blank. The letter makes it very obvious that the mother did it. She seems like a sociopath. I saw a proud look on her face like she got away with murder. The cross on her neck seem like a prop.

  7. DNA has proven the Ramseys innocent, some people lack the intellectual heft to understand that.

  8. This page is full of outdated half truths and lies about an innocent family. Full of rants by idiots believing they just know the ramsey's are guilty because of the way they look or act……..

  9. 1:35 you found the note, realised your daughter was missing, but it took you hours to find her death in your own house?

  10. She is just as innocent as O.J Simpson was…

  11. naoki says:

    If you hear the last interview of Jeffrey Dahmer with Stone Phillips, you can hear Dahmer has the same calmed voice tone than John's,

  12. who is going to write a ransom note in letter form not a man who is going to take that much time that woman killed her little girl thats sad

  13. I find it hard to believe someone can break into your home kill your daughter…stash the body and make it out of the house without leaving the slightest shred if evidence other than a ransom note…no DNA… no footprints.. nothing… I doubt very seriously a random killer would do the deed and walk out of the front door afterwards…unless the killer lived there….

  14. Patsy you are a criminal!

  15. fucking pieces of shit. talking about the ransom note and patsys writing, its obvious they did it

  16. truesouljs says:

    Their body language doesn't seem to match their words & they're not really showing any emotion. You'd think they'd at least show some grief or something. It's almost as if they're trying too hard to act natural but they're conveying completely the opposite signs.

  17. Most Americans have put this crime to bed. But there are still nuts out there who refuse to believe the Ramsey's did not kill their daughter. If you find DNA under a murder victims fingernails, mixed with her blood and on her clothes, it pretty much says that is the killer. No way was that DNA accidentally put there by a factory worker as some have Claimed.

  18. Raven Rose says:

    Patsy fatsy did it and so did old man krumpis. WHERE IS YOUR FUCKING EMOTION?!!

  19. Raven Rose says:

    By the way patsy I'm glad you're rotting in hell

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