Kimbo Slice SPIKE TV’s “Video Game Awards 2009” Arrivals


Kevin Ferguson, better known as Kimbo Slice arrives at SPIKE TV’S “Video Game Awards 2009” at The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles,Ca USA …


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  1. PimpinAV says:

    yup for sure, he has come a long way. I have to keep it real and admit that I am always rooting for Kimbo

  2. Spec0pleader says:

    i bet he wanted to smash half the guys there

  3. Spec0pleader says:

    and your a fuck head

  4. Mikael Fors says:

    Yeah and he is not cocky. He is humble in his interviews.

  5. El Guapo says:

    Everyone /fighters/ have haters, lol.

  6. Mluka1 says:

    This guy is a beast.

  7. GAZGHOST123 says:

    yes my negro go and continue to give all those nay sayers a good thrashing!

  8. He can't even read….

  9. Kimbo's a cool guy but i could still take that sucker out.

  10. rocklee302 says:

    @jasonmildward34 -_-

  11. AlphaCrosby says:

    @LaMOi1 how much time..hes not a professional fighter..hes a brawler

  12. jamalak74u says:

    he is a tough dude ill give him that but he really needs to shave his beard its 2011 for fuck sake

  13. lemonboy91 says:

    kimbo look like he on crack or sunin thats y i dislikeit

  14. @245kmh Ok… lol. that's a stupid reason to like someone. Do you like Bieber?

  15. @245kmh What… the… fudge? Please use grammar.

    And to answer your questions: I'm from Houston, I live in a house, and I have a lot of money for my age. 🙂

  16. @245kmh Now that's a good reason to like someone :).

  17. @xXFlockofGriffinsXx No, I speak two. Aren't you tired of being wrong? 😀

  18. Paul Canlas says:

    ho kimbo i respect u man

  19. Nazwaist1 says:

    He is smaller Rick Ross lol

  20. Alfie Ford says:

    kimbo can box but he cant fight

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