King Obama? Congressman Suggests a MOAT Around the White House After Gunman Scare

Melissa Melton

Obama has been acting like quite the king lately…so-much-so, in fact, that his progressive Organizing for Action group sent out an email last night with a picture of Obama next to a rising sun with a literal CROWN symbol inside of it:

King Obama Congressman Suggests a MOAT Around the White House After Gunman Scare


But apparently some of our elected representatives are quite literally ready to back a monarch in this country.

First, there’s Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D), who according to Bloomberg announced, “We will circle the president on fire. We will be on fire for rightness and justice,” ahead of his amnesty move.


@daveweigel So the Democrats are all going to self immolate?

— LetsLootPotteryBarn! (@GOPMommy) November 13, 2014

Apparently building on the promise to self-immolate for Obama, Tennessee Rep. Steven Cohen (also D) shared a great new idea he had on dealing with White House intruders to Acting Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy at a recent House Judiciary Committee meeting:


Rep. Cohen thinks we should build a freaking moat around the White House.

He said, quote:

“Would a, uh, a moat. Water. Six feet around, be kind of attractive and effective?”


Don’t believe we’ve fallen so far that our representatives are literally mulling around the idea of building a MOAT around the White House?

Here’s the clip from C-SPAN:

Zero Hedge’s headline on this moat story began, “Neo-Feudalism Has Officially Arrived…”

A moat… Just wow.

Later, Rep. Cohen backtracked as reported by NBC, “Cohen says he later looked up the definition of moat and realized that it is defined as a water barrier that completely surrounds a protected structure. His idea, he told NBC News, would be different.”

So now we have congressional representatives who don’t even know what a moat is??? (That’s also disconcerting, but on a whole different level…)

Perhaps even more sad is the fact that just last week Washington’s Blog reported, “We’re Approaching a New Middle Ages in America” where the rich are becoming overlords and the poor are becoming serfs — that’s how bad the wealth gap has gotten here:

And the top .01% of Americans now own as much as the bottom 90%. Indeed, the 1% have gotten chump change compared to the .01% (you’ve got to see the charts to believe it).

And the above figures are underestimates… because the very wealthy hide much of their wealth in offshore accounts which are hard to account for.

The head of the Federal Reserve said last month that inequality levels are rising, and are near 100-year levels.

Inequality levels are truly stunning… and inequality levels in America today may actually be the highest anywhere in the world ever.

And studies confirm that America is now an oligarchy, not a democracy.


They probably will build a moat for King Obama. They’ll probably craft a drawbridge over it and even put crocodiles in it, too.

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  1. Archie1954 says:

    What a foolish comparison, “Obama is acting like a king”. Have you lookied at any reigning monarchs recently? Except for a very few Asian potentates and African rulers, all of today’s monarchs are constitutional ones. None have any governing power which is all in the hands of democratically elected representatives. If anything, some of today’s kings may wish they had one tenth the power of a president!

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