The conditions at the rear of the loss of life of Prince can rarely go unnoticed as not getting a ritualist sacrifice by the occult powers at the rear of the songs sector and modern-day media. The King of Conspiracy usually takes it apart and reveals the startling proof of foul participate in.

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20 Responses

  1. me ovearth says:

    Wholeness, James, and thank you for all you do.<3

  2. Jarit Thomas says:

    W?W!! U r quite aws?me,so very knowledgeable/informative,i mean,just absolutely gr8 stuff!!,learning alot more watching..,bettr yet listening 2 u!!

  3. me ovearth says:

    You just continually blow my mind with brilliance!

  4. Where Did You Get That T-Shirt From I Need One In A 3xOr 4x?

  5. Anim8r says:

    I knew about all of this, but not about much of the history. Thanks.

  6. I'm searching but I can't find anything about the force behind these negative "elites" and the reason for it? can someone help me please. I've come to a wall. wholeness

  7. 6:09 nope….. The word “spell” comes from the Proto-Germanic “spellan”, meaning “to tell”, which in turn gave rise to the Old English “spellian” and then “spell”. The first recorded instance of spell, being used to indicate writing or reciting the individual letters of a word, was in the early 15th century.

  8. Fefe Lee says:

    I never watched The Simpsons; however isn't it strange that you have just shown Prince being killed in an episode of the Simpsons and there is another episode of Donald Trump becoming president of USA. All have taken place in 2016! Both have come true!!! Makes you think!

  9. cherry9951 says:

    you really have awaken me

  10. Bobbi Bealze says:

    Bro you talk about aya.
    The love symbol is a mirrored picture like the eyes of purple rain. A lifecycle of a mushroom.
    bowl. left curl cap. right bottom cap, right upper cap. reborn, bowl. left cap, right c……
    Purple Banana is the ergot fungus we know as LSD. Violet organ grinder / blue light psilocybine so on so on

    He did openly denied the cross.
    if you ad the vowels to YHWH you get ayahewha (ka) Ka being lifeforce in ancient Egypt
    Like Zi Ka means lifeforce ot pharaoh (Zi)
    Seems like they hide the vessel to GOD.

    That is a lot to digest. But ask yourself. Where are the shaman. And why?
    What Prince denied. The Cross replaced it with his. (being secretly Son of Isis/ God / house – El/isa/beth see how this fits)

    Yes, That same day something happened to me too. And i cant explain it without sounding nuts. Yet the number of 1000 between us. It does in real life exist. That i can admit.

    He was the biggest danger for the illuminated.. And he knew.


  11. emilia pina says:


    I do not know if you already know. But seeing a video about the murder of John Kenned I realized that it was all a lie. He had a bag of paint on his face and fired at the time of the shot. Everything fake. Now I understand the acquaintances between him and Abraham Lincoln. See the photos of the fallen body in the car and after the hilltop. We live in a lie.

  12. I use to understand now I overstand keep teaching me about innerstanding.  Thank you so very much^^

  13. Cole Hart-Id says:

    Best video I've seen from u yet

  14. Yui Young says:

    Allah And Jehovah. please give me a break. What these demonic male idiots mistake is, they forgot the power of the Divine Feminine. Mother God is the 0, the Beginning, the OMEGA. Kali collects men heads. Mother God will get the Last word in the End. The truth is, Omega birthed the Alpha…Shekhem

  15. Simply Love says:

    Thanks 7, great education had to share.

  16. BJS41384 Na says:

    is there a part 2

  17. BJS41384 Na says:

    it is so great to hear and see so much depth and intelligence in a YouTube video about what happened to Prince. People need to WAKE UP SHEEPLE. Prince WAS MURDERED.

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