Kites fly for end of Coast to Coast race 2017


My 951st kite video. The Coast to Coast race is a famous and very tough event taking competitors 243km (151 miles) from the shore of the Tasman Sea to the shore of the Pacific Ocean, via the daunting barrier of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Involving running, kayaking, and cycling, the event can be completed as a one-day or two-day competition, and either as an individual or as a team event. There are also various age categories, so something for everyone – if you are inclined that way!
As the spectators had to wait quite a while for the various arrivals, I decided to put on a bit of a display so that they had something to watch while they waited.


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  1. Now that is a spectacular one man show, Brilliant.

  2. photonmom says:

    Good show Jim! I am sure your kites added to the festive atmosphere. But I must say..I have never seen a race end in and uphill finish line!

  3. A finish without big Kites is just a finish.

  4. Hal Aasen says:

    Well done Jim! Spoke with Bud Taylor, owner of the Kite Guys in Alberta, although he hasn't met you, he really appreciates your videos and the positive way you represent our hobby. Keep up the good work!

  5. Kite Guy says:

    Very nice selection of kites.

  6. CirrusRC says:

    Enjoyed the display Jim.

  7. Kenxy Daniel says:

    espectacular, me gustaria ver esas cometas volaren Peru Huanchaco ya que abunda tanto el ceviche

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