Knife Unboxing – Victorinox Farmer & Electrician


On Amazon: Victorinox Farmer Alox: Victorinox Electrician Alox: In this video, I unbox and showcase the features …


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  1. The blades on this alox series are alike but thicker than the blades on the red handled ones. Nice review.

  2. David Kruse says:

    Great review, thx, I just ordered the same 2 yesterday (haha) because there are not too many Alox models left compared to a year ago.

  3. Looks like you need a swiss army knife to open your box of swiss army knives.

  4. Looks like you need a swiss army knife to open your box of swiss army knives.

  5. Buak Buak says:

    Really professional review! I left a like for you :D

  6. Good grief, just open the box on the other side…

  7. wb5mgr says:

    even though many people do actually collect SAK, these are user knives meant to take a beatdown daily and see hard use. most folks have no idea how much they are capable of… I've carried a farmer in my pocket for years, nothing is broken on it or damaged…

  8. 2:13 Which bit of " PEEL HERE " didn't you understand ????????

  9. The farmer is my edc, I'd like myself an electrician and alox bantam too.

    That buck vantage force pro looks interesting too

  10. zerpBot says:

    Looks like they just put random tools and give them random names, that "electrician" knife is missing so many things that could be useful and gets almost useless things for electricians like the awl.

  11. ubertoby says:

    You can't be that fussy about your knives if you're carrying a buck!

  12. hey I have the explorer and I really like its size and number of tools. The only thing is I wish it had the metal scales. So I figured I would buy another Victorinox with metal scale but also around the same number of tools

  13. Great vid I got an alox farmer !

  14. David Cooper says:

    I have a gold/copper Farmer, VSAK Collectors Society limited edition 2005 (one of 125) which was given to me by a friend in 2005/6. The big question is should I use it?

  15. paulie 4x says:

    Say Heah, Yeah, the Farmer is one of my Fav's to take into the bush, I find that I use an Awl alot. I also have a Victorinox Delemont Collection Ranger Grip 78 it's a larger knife than the Farmer and I can team it up with a large knife and that's the sizes of my knives I take along. So if I carry my Potbelly or my BK'S I find them to be ediquite for what I need in the bush.

  16. jacksoned13 says:

    I think the W in Wenger is pronounced more like a V.

  17. Krehyv says:

    Handsome blades, i do like that silver alox. Have the farmer myself

  18. Fu_ck JEWS says:

    thx for macro vid, knifes are realy good, quality is much better than standard vix"s with plastic scales

  19. ERIC 471 says:

    did anyone else see the cat

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