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Before Kodak Black would become one of the hottest young rappers out of Florida, getting everyone’s attention when HipHopDX’s put him on their ‘top artists to watch for 2016’

Kodak Black was raised in the projects outside of Miami Florida by a single mother. He was rapping and running drugs with some of the older kids on the block, but when he was 15 caught a life sentence that almost put him away for good. Luckily a producer thought he was worth investing in, paid off his lawyers, and signed him to the label Atlantic Records. Originally he was rapping under the monkier Lil Black but when he signed up to instagram he swapped out the lil for Kodak, where did he get that idea from? Your guess is good as mine.

How’s it going I’m Michael McCrudden documenting the come up of young and talented rapper Kodak Black prior to fame here for you on Before They Were Famous. I’ve also looked at a ton of other Florida rappers like Rick Ross and Stitches… man the stiches one is pretty crazy, give that one a watch. And as always let me know who you want to hear about next in the comments below.

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35 Responses

  1. GB fan says:

    I lived in golden square when I was 10 ( im 14 )he lived in golden acres I lived near kodak


  2. Leaf. Stick says:

    GTF Bruh he look like a (high) lizzard

  3. Y Lime says:

    it's lil Kodak the finesse kid

  4. Thomas Barr says:

    do ayo and teo before they where famous

  5. He said "I smoke broccoli" ?

  6. Lalo Cabrera says:

    damn must be nice to go to jail and get a f**** deal what is it with these n*** all these rappers do the same thing go to jail and then get a deal I think they're something they're not saying

  7. Leon Hirzel says:

    6:09 lol lil dicky the only white dude

  8. Sosa Lion says:

    he was j.black before Kodak black

  9. EARTH2 ZEN says:

    do an update on Kodak Black

  10. FIINESSEKID says:

    This is the worst rapper alive , but no flockin lowkey Fire ??

  11. Im Batman says:

    Do Kendrick Lamar

  12. that nigga a straight up fag how come you didn't put the video where he tells this white guy Ima suck your dick

  13. before the crazy hairstyle, he look like bobby shmurda's little brother

  14. Garret says:

    What's the song at 3:15?

  15. Do kriss kross or Jermaine dupri

  16. you should do one for French Montana

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