Korea Evacuating: Nuclear World War 3 Threat April 2013 ***Live Feed***



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  1. coojsta69 says:

    Very imformative video !

  2. That whole area is not safe. It also depends on who shoots first.

  3. WMD? I say cat bombs. Cause everyone hates cats. DON'T LOVE CATS!!!!

  4. I think that this is North Korea's Golden Gate Bridge…..people don't go into NK. The North Koreans risk their own lives sneaking out of that country. A Tomahawk missle would look wonderful put right in the middle of it. That mission is already put on the menu! Bring it on Kimmy….our missles have a shelf life and your name is on them!

  5. Elle Lloyd says:

    Hi Tell Me What you think Of this Video of ww3 Vision George Washington /watch?v=ppfeh_oaV9g

  6. Max Peirano says:

    this song has some fuck up music video.

  7. thugf101 says:

    there heading east an how the hell do you know there heading into korea

  8. John Doe says:

    dunno about war but it's nice tune

  9. Nantahayala says:

    It doesnt feel good to be on the eve of destruction. I hope the idiot in North Korea realizes that what he starts (nukes) American will finish.

  10. Video is a non event! Shows the average person nothing. Grow some talent or put your I-phone away.

  11. dimmu borgir says:

    china will not let korea to make war!

  12. it might be a good bye for that country, so dumb of them ppl out there korea trying to send out a nuclear for what? we're selfish? shit that country really needs help like really get a clue we don't go around killing pets such as cats n dogs.. where yall going after leaving korea? our country's still going to go after then Korean soldiers

  13. TheShinobi32 says:

    China already said they would back north korea.

  14. dimmu borgir says:

    if they were so strong they would atack long time..it would be maybe much bether world under hitler

  15. Chuck Norris says:

    North Korea

    Come At Us Bro

  16. I Hate the People Who Make False Accounts :L

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