Lady Gaga EXPOSES the Illuminati and the Facebook Transhuman Agenda


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  1. Brian Bailey says:

    I like Lady Gaga now for having the guts to highlight the concept of NO. I like yoga and never have heard of or associate any concept of contacting entities or whatever cmj %#$@ this guy hurls out to depreciate the benefits of yoga that's just fun!!!!!!!!!

  2. MrKEOPS98 says:

    Weishaupt? related to Adam Weishaupt??????

  3. MrKEOPS98 says:

    Alleister Crawley, better known under the name the beast
    Alleister Crawley is a satananic grand master
    The autor of the saying Do what you wilt,…
    He is also with the Bavarian freemasons the foundation of scottish rites and master in Demonlogy

  4. If the rich would like – God will bless us all after HELL> You aren't taking anything that ain't yours. Have hearts.

  5. Ethericrose says:

    She made lots of sense in this clip. Seems to me you're looking for something that clearly isn't there.

  6. Maka Shibuto says:

    you guys need to grow up lmfao.

  7. RANA LACHMAN says:

    Power to you, Lady GAGA, but don't let your guard down, you saw what has happen to late Amy Winehouse, bless her soul!

  8. Dannunaki says:

    Isaac Weishaupt? Did you choose that name? Oh and Gaga is from…Gaga is a minor Babylonian Deity featured in the Enuma Elish. She is sent by Anshar to the forces of Tiamat, with the formal announcement of Marduk's readiness to battle Tiamat.

  9. Dannunaki says:

    Left Hand Pathers of the Ancient Hindu Religion? Dude do you hear some of the dumb shit you say?

  10. Dannunaki says:

    Ayervadic Medicine is based on Homeopathy, rather than the poisonous Freemasonic Allopathy that they cram down our throats in the West. Do you fucking hear yourself?

  11. Dannunaki says:

    Yoga is about creating a healthy body and healthy mind. Jesus dude.

  12. Dannunaki says:

    Garbage. Yoga and Ayervedic are Holistic, as in balanced practices that work both hemispheres of the brain, the engagement of lower astral entities is through imbalance of either hemisphere through the R Complex. Stop talking shit.

  13. Dannunaki says:

    The Mantra is to numb the Reptilian complex.

  14. KatherinVII says:

    Gaga is being used to program young developing minds into a  rebellious mode towards their primary caregivers,  parents and authority.  She is working on indoctrinating them with rebellion and self centeredness. These youths will turn out to be selfish, out of control and demanding.   A Rebellious MeMe Generation.

  15. Weishaupt…hmmmm   Anyone else really tired of all of their illumanti crap.  At first it was interesting, like you were uncovering lost secrets… it is just sickening.  Yes, FB is going to do something that hooks all minds, somehow….I don't think the internet will be around forever.  Once everything is set in place, they will flip a switch and their crystal web will be activated.  I'm sure there is some sort of mind control technology that will be out soon.

  16. overlogins says:

    again can't hear a damn word when you swap to Lady gaga. You make good stuff PLEASE fix your audio recordings!!!!

  17. Rewa Putter says:


  18. Mac E says:

    your crazy to think she would ever leave, Lady Gaga killed a girl and stole her style, look it up… she was a roof top with the women who "Killed" herself she claims, yet even the mother of the girl that lady gaga killed said it was odd how she copied everything about her daughter, and thats what she got famous off of, her friends style that she took from her after she killed her.. go look it up… make a new Updated video…

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