Lauryn Hill Destroyed For Not Taking The Oath /Alicia Keys Scandal Stories Exposed (Part 1)


Lauryn Hill was destroyed for not taking the oath. Alicia Keys karma is exposed for stealing someone’s husband.


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  1. For someone who has nothing to say about Alicia Keys, you keep talking about her and that says MISLEADING vlogger!!

  2. Mikasa 1 says:

    I l love me some Lauren Hill. I bet she was going through some serious turmoil. That is sad how the system try to control the artists' lives. I would never sell my soul to the devil for monetary value or success. I love God too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Lauren you serve the true and living God.

  4. all the people who love her why not go a out of our way and support her at all cause I will and do she the real deal . we all get some systems stopping us but real fighters keep on fighting

  5. Timing says:

    What is the name of the song featured in this video by Lauryn Hill? I want to purchase it. Thanks!

  6. What evidence of all this stuff is offered by this video maker? She says nothing to support ANYTHING she says. I'm open-minded, but give me some basis for your statements!

  7. blurwax1 says:

    I miss her so much. The devil is on the rampage.

  8. ffstew says:

    what is she Lauryn famous for?

  9. What profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul

  10. It's better to have your career destroyed than your soul. The most frightening thing in the world is to be separate from the Most High for even a second. She knows where that path leads. So she got out =) & I'm so proud of her. "If everything must go then go. That's how I chose to live." But, sis Cali, they could have driven her crazy, it's very possible. Anyway, ty for sharing this.

  11. great video, thank you. This vid reminds me of a great song. "You can throw your rock- hide your hand- work in the dark against your fellow man- But as sure as god made black & white, what's done in the dark will be brought to the light- you can run on for a long time but sooner or later god will cut ya down". -JR Cash
    Thanks again, be blessed.

  12. God destroyed her album but yet wicked ppl exist?!?! I can't with religious folks. There is no hell.

  13. Lia M says:

    A strong conscious woman cannot be manipulated, threatened nor controlled. I love Lauren Hill… The realist Artist I grew up listening to and feeling as if she really was a role model. Some people just won't sell out its not worst shutting out the eternal divine light within the soul. ❤️️

  14. you talk too much for nor payment, the album is name was as I am,jealousy will kill you, stupid woman,yet you say you love her,don't talking a lot,you have no salary over destroying someone else is reputation, you are such a big hell,everyone got a career,keep on hating her and she will keep on shining,where as you keep falling toomuch and getting older,you career is getting older shame

  15. ?What a load of ?⁉

  16. Lmfao….Theres nothing to say about Alicia Keys but 25 minutes later your still talking about her….classic

  17. We're in a MAZE, it's aMAZin! aMAZon. The labyrinth, the portion of the ear located within the temporal bone that is involved in both hearing and balance, also the house of the MINOTAUR, we are MINORITY. Why Alicia Keys did the Levi's commercial, of course, Levi translate to LEAVE EYE, EYE is EVE, in other words LEAVE EVE, the EVEl EYE. Levi was "3rd" of the "12" sons of Jacob. Levi-Live/eviL means "pledge" he became the father of the TRI-BE (3B-ranches, Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary) that was assigned PRIESTLY duties. Alicia is without makeup to show the naked truth, I'm not sure if she knows it but no truth is without a lie in today's day your task is to RIGHTLY DIVIDE the WORD of TRUTH, you fail. Anyway, Alicia released albums like "The DIARY of ALICIA KEYS" in 2003 which include songs DRAGON DAYS and WAKE UP. Another called "VH1 STORYTELLERS" which included, FALLIN', You don't know MY NAME, EMPIRE state of MIND and BRAND NEW ME in 2013. Then another album entitled "HERE" with songs, BLENDED FAMILY, SHE DON'T really CARE, GIRL can't BE HERSELF, ILLUSION of BLISS, HOLY WAR, KILL your mama, and in COMMON in 2016." Elizabeth is repping both EVE and Lilith, EVE'Lilith is ELIZABETH. She, who is actually,. . . Angelica? Angelica meet SUSIE CARMICHAEL and my friends TOMMY not Toby as inseparable as twins, Phil and Lil. Last name P-ICKLES, SICKLE cell? I mean ADAM who was to supervise or monitor all creation but wanting to be the GODDESS he transformed himself into woman, and which MERE MORTAL ever REFuse a woman? HER system promotes homosexuality and bisexuality. Doesn't really matter who SHE is, SHE Is the HEAD OF THE COMMONwealth and queen of 12 BLACK countries including mine. COMMON, who released albums like, "ONE DAY IT'LL ALL MAKE SENSE" in1997, "UNIVERSAL MIND CONTROL" in 2008 and "BLACK AMERICA AGAIN" in 2016. EVE had albums such as "EVE-OLUTION" (all things came from EVE, earth,fire,water, POKÉMON GO, niggaz!) " HERE I AM", "LET THERE BE EVE" and "SCORPION". Like your queen and the others, I came during "THE FALL." THEY are trying to paint ME as MALEvolent, but I'M far from evil. I'm not sure what she wants with the JE'SUIS (French for "I Am"). Nicki, Beyonce, Jay-z and all of them high in the industry act as her mouthpiece. Nicki bows to Lauryn on stage Is QUEEN bowing to GOD. Nicki, Nichole or OLD Saint Nick means victory of the PEOPLE. Lauryn means place of honor and victory, same as L-aurel H-edare defeated by CATWoman. Lauryn Hill and CatWOMAN symbolizes GOD. Remember the queen prefers dogs to man. DOG/GOD opposite CAT. It's all rituals, symbolism to CONfuse the masses. BELIEVE, is Be Eli EVE translate to (BE 'MY GOD' EVE.) Remember, JE'SUIS said, "ELI ELI lama sabachthani." YOU have been misled to disEVE. EVE the ALPHA and OMEGA, Alicia keys and Lauren Hill, Eve and many others fell out of the spotlight because they don't want to be pawns in her game. CHESS, Objective: Put the KING in CHECK. MY name, Casey, CAYES or A.CEYS change the C to K it becomes A.KEYS in layman's terms A-licia Keys. The FIRST and LAST cap of the PYRAMID. YOU are in hell the bible speaks about the KEY to the bottomless pit. Do your Ma'at people and WAKE the hell UP. CHECK YOURSELF before you WRECK YOURSELF. The people who are targeted in the industry represent a supposedly "NOBODY" and HE prefer to keep it that way. Wyrd or weird, meaning WE have power to control destiny. In the beginning IS the WYRD, and the WYRD IS WITH GOD, and the WYRD IS GOD. BIRD? WORD! I AM the wanderer, THE "WICHT" of the EAST. EYE DO NOT CONFORM. Because you fALLOW HER blindly, she says they're ALL HOLLOWS, EVE. Christmas do you know what it means? Oh, there's no place like "HOME" for the holidays cause no matter how FAR AWAY you ROAM when you PINE for the SUNSHINE of a friendly gaze, for the holidays you can't beat HOME, SWEET HOME. Who do YOU think they are talking to? YOU guys need to stop h8ing for a minute this is FAR BEYOND YOUR COMPREHENSION, obviously. YOU might not understand right at the moment, the bible says to him who has yEARS let him hear, him who has EYES let him see. So you will need to chill like the weather right now and fALLOW ME, TRUST ME. The bible talks about this in revelation, only the bible is to TRICK YOU into a lot of things. IT WASN'T written FOR YOU but for the one who IS, who WAS and who IS TO COME. Instead of following a star they found a new way of searching but they have a better way still through MEDIA-MAY-dea, MAY, the GODDESS Maia, I AM of Mayan descent. They know chaos would vexed the GODDESS so they put it EVERYWHERE. PREPARE FOR WORk. Bruno Mars, I'M too hot make a DRAGON wanna retire, MAN. DON'T BELIEVE ME just WATCH THE THRONE 2017-2018. IMPOSSIBLE? I'm Possible, ABOriginal. RICH GANG, LET'S play fair. EYE suggest you take a TRIP, tour guides on US. "IF YOU MESS WITH ME YOU MESS WITH GOD I MEAN IT AND I QUOTE."… Katy Perry, "YOU'RE so gay and you don't even like boys."

  18. Calvin Moe says:

    we need more black celebrities
    to stand up for truth no matter
    if you lose everything it's better
    to be free from evil.

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