Animation made by raptor5120 check out my official site:! *** Made with Blender 2.76 Sound effects: Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Music: …


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  1. this is the greatest video ever

  2. they need flamethrowers why put a burn em moment with out burning

  3. Beth Hessel says:

    unrealalistic. americans advancing across open terrain never got hit, while japanese in fortified positions behind cover got slaughtered.

  4. Raptor man you are the best dude love your videos keep it up

  5. Rumi Khan says:

    You are cool at making this

  6. GerM says:

    2:04 thats why donald trump shouldnt had made a wall

  7. Omar Eleraqi says:

    Why Is Jay From Ninjago There

  8. Omar Eleraqi says:

    and they Call Him Tommy

  9. Omar Eleraqi says:

    And Zane AND all Ninja

  10. 윤윤우석 says:

    Good! (i'mkorea)

  11. its well done but 2 things no one on the allies dies and its not d-day XD

  12. what the name of the game of war in picific? plz rply

  13. Paco Porras says:

    Medal of Honor Pacific Assault i think is the mission of Tarawa Atoll

  14. Tom Cerberus says:

    Bro can you can make a Modern Warfare animation pls :D

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