Lego world war 2 The battle of ramelle – stop motion


The germans storm through the ruins of ramelle and try to reclaim the town back from the hands of the americans


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  1. this is saving private.ryan

  2. Why your American soldiers use german rifles ????????????

  3. Did you know by turning up there volume you make them video louder.

  4. Amazing stopmotion I love it !

  5. Impressive, earned another subscriber. What font is the title?

  6. Hey good animation but isn't this from the movie saving private Ryan wait it is man wow you got this off a movie

  7. hello, can you subscribe to my channel? and I will inscribe your!!!!!!

    Thanks!!!!!! 😉

  8. EliasIsHere says:

    Anyone notice the video is similar to saving pvt Ryan 😀

  9. Its like a copy of Jslegomasters battle of Ramelle. Btw. the Karabiner is a german weapon.

  10. GI Jed says:

    Awsome stop motion but the Americans used m1 garands

  11. Sequel, sequel, sequel, sequel, sequel!!!!!!

  12. I'm loving it 🙂 If you ever need any designs for tanks or any stuff like that flick me a message please, I would love to help <3

  13. Foxhill says:

    I like how you used some sound effects from Day Of Defeat 😉

  14. Although Ramelle didn't really exist but meh. Good video regardless!

  15. E Bricks says:

    I like how you payed homage to JSlegomaster with a Sargent Winterbottom cameo!

  16. dridric2012 says:

    What is the tank in the video? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  17. Rob Kosher says:

    First vid in 2 years
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Nice vid btw

  18. hyro356 says:

    nice half life videos though

  19. hyro356 says:

    long time since you uploaded lego videos

  20. This was pretty good my friend 🙂

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