Lew Rockwell: Hillary Wants To Start WW3


Lew Rockwell of www.lewrockwell.com joins Alex Jones and discusses how Hillary wants world war 3 and how she is willing to achieve it by any means …


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  1. Pablo V says:

    The voting results will be like this, mark my words:

    Trump: 42
    Hillary: 42.1

    Democracy is the biggest fraud of our times.

  2. Simple answer take these people out like soros , what is stopping it he is only a person for fucks sake.

  3. Get your lazy butt up and VOTE TRUMP!
    To save Constitution & Democracy.

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    You guys should have done something in 2000 and 2004 when it came out the elections were rigged through Diebold and the right wing Supreme Court. Or maybe it's okay with all you so-called patriots if the right steals everything. That's where you lost me.

  5. Black ops controls weapons beyond nuclear, that renders conventional warfare totally useless, and the public are ignorant of this. Even so… their hidden policy is to allow up to 100 million dead without preventing nuclear attack with these hidden capabilities, like scalar energetics. Space based light speed lazers at one million degrees that can vapourize instantly on any point on the planet surface. Level ten Tesla weapons. A superluminal fleet, which controls every inch of space between earth and the Mars colony. Including the helium 3 mining ops on the moon.

  6. SpaceManAus says:

    It amazes me that we can develop a secure ways to do banking and many other things in owe society but we cant make a more secure voting system, makes you wonder if this is done on purpose just so they can rig the election, even the more secure electronic voting was made to be corrupted, we the people need to develop owe own voting system that is not corruptible.

  7. Drexxler 1 says:

    Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to prevent world war 3. The trillions of dollars and the absolute power these people have over countries, will cause them to push their agenda forward regardless of who is president. Everything is at the stake for these guys, they will have multiple false flags if that's what it takes to garner support for their terrorist activity.

  8. SpaceManAus says:

    It amazed me that Bush senior was found to be selling steel and food to Germany while we were at war with them, and then later in life he is voted into government, how far back does the corruption go.

  9. StarSeed says:

    It wont be a peaceful revolution. They have murdered American journalists and other innocents. They are beyond redemption and will kill many more to protect themselves.

  10. macklen2 says:

    Skip commercials about InfoCrap until 4:35

  11. Hermann Kahn is the figure upon which Dr. Strangelove was modeled, BTW.

  12. Bloodylaser says:

    This is why Soros and Bill Kristol control this woman

  13. Effemm Dee says:

    Lew Rockwell, one of the few Libertarians whom I still have respect for.

  14. Mike Hughes says:

    Amazing facts about WWIII.

  15. Lew Rockwell is a real Libertarian american hero..

  16. When are we patriots going to strike one of us need to rise to power and take out the government all way down to Soros they would suffer and we don't have long to reunite it's also Fair enough. However something tells me that Trump is not one of them. Firstly because he funds himself and is not owned by the elite. Secondly because the media hate him. Thirdly because even the Republican Party attacked him. Like my comment if you are willing to meet up in person and ready to start mapping out our future for freedom the more Likes the more serious we can escalade this for Freedom for America May God bless us all

  17. Grant Hp says:

    Why can't we be friends…..

  18. Alex losing his Marbles

  19. russia is laughing at Hilary if she is truly serious about the no fly zone in syria. that not only means war with russia but also syria lol and russia is about to beat some ass lmfao??democrats must be stupid to think she wouldn't do this. lol ✌

  20. Soul Saver says:


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