Lil Dicky – $aving Dat Money (Documentary)


See how we made the most epic rap video ever while $aving Dat Money… Director Tony …


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  1. SPyoshi says:

    i have a question for you do you get noticed in public alot and how long did it take to get people to let you use these lol

  2. MysteryMrR says:

    What camera's did they use?

  3. Bman Luis says:

    Lil dicky I'll cum tribute you if u reply to this

  4. Jake Wagner says:

    Damn LD 3 mnths since your last vid? you slackin

  5. Brayden West says:

    video for pillow talk man!!!!!!

  6. Quentin B says:

    Dude, mad props. This is fucking amazing. I love this way too much.

  7. no wonder the quality of the video was so good, the camera they used (sony a7s) costs over $2000. good thing he returned them after lol

  8. ultracool says:

    weak people find excuse, strong people find way , respect bro

  9. so sick ! /// check out more sick things on my chanl

  10. recognisemax says:

    literally the coolest fucking person alive

  11. pT_Kaney says:

    Fucking savage.

  12. Heii says:

    Mac Miller and Lil Dicky? Old Jewish, remember music

  13. Maizer Gomes says:

    Not to be that guy, but…
    Am I the only one who thought:
    What if he was BLACK?
    Would people do those things for him?

  14. Damo Palise says:

    damn he has a little ass dick 1:02

  15. mobius88 says:

    mann im fucking loving this dude right now! how tf i didnt know this guy?! sheez! :D

  16. Alguem legenda pra português essa porra?

  17. At first I thought "a white rapper named lil dicky ? Hell nah" but now I'm a fan ?

  18. Lil dicky you are one fun ass dude. You were funny as shit when u were high. Come chill!

  19. Juan reyes says:

    kinda strange how i went from an eyedea track to offence but you aren't really similar artists. I enjoy your stuff tho Dicky and since I'm here, would you mind answering a question of mine? Who's your favorite artist off of Rhymesayers? Dead or Alive and people like MF DOOM count too.

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