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  1. EvilMadness says:

    Linda is one of the more believable people I listen to in UFO fields, Jim Marrs, and Stan Friedman are others.

  2. Von Galt says:

    Wow! I can empathize w/the Gray's struggle to survive. If the Grays are a parallel, future version of humans from a timeline that sucked & they're here in this reality where we didn't blow ourselves up or the Earth didn't get fried by the sun, then I'd like to believe they're not inhumane. I've read that these abductions are destructive for the abductee's lives & causes a lot of psychological trauma, which influences how their lives & relationships are a mess. Human's lives are so fragile that any disruption, etc. messes w/our ability to function in society, which messes w/our ability to provide a healthy lifestyle for ourselves & our families. I don't think Earth is a harvest for free farm. Our idiotic governments don't speak for the individuals. Abductees should get reparations. Maybe not monetarily, but maybe give 'em & their lineage an awesome 6th sense(s) for their troubles. On a side note, maybe the fertility of humans goes wack after the 21st century due to GMOs, etc. If the GMOs & 'excessive' vaccinations make the animals we eat infertile & sick, then likely the person eating 'em over time suffers infertility & sickness. Just saying.

  3. Jon Olsen says:

    Linda's courage, intelligence, sincerity, and steady evolution in pursuit of deep truths is absolutely stellar. She is a human diamond.

  4. Matt Keenan says:

    Great work amazing you don't realize how hard it is to find GOOD videos it's quite strange but these are gold

  5. Joe Lee says:

    wonderful production – crystal clear. Thanks Dark Journalist. I am now keenly looking forward to watching your other videos too.

  6. Great interview. Great interesting stories. I will watch this again. Thank you Dark Journalist, and especially Linda Moulton Howe. I really appreciate hearing about these adventures.

  7. without a doubt some wonderful information and sources. However she is agonizing to listen to. She and the guy doing the interview managed to jam 30 min. of information into three hours. I downloaded the documents from UK and have just started to read them. This is without a doubt the smoking gun. Anyone interested in this subject should download these documents and read them.

  8. froggleggers says:

    Guess we should have just lost lots of troops invading the Japs mainland instead of hitting two of their cities with atomic bombs. Many of us might not have been born in this timeline as our great grandfathers would have been killed. Ponder that next time you think you completely understand something with hindsight.

  9. samysam1313 says:

    Just found you Dark Journalist. Thanks for this interview. Love Linda. I like how you let the guest speak and not interrupt. Am subscribing to your channel.

  10. Allen Ayler says:

    It will be someone like Linda who will bring disclosure to the world. Or it will be Linda, herself.

  11. The Greenman says:

    You know that the real, serious UFO community thinks Linda M. Howe is a fraud, fake weirdo. Nobody takes her seriously – except for the nut bags.

  12. Incredible, she interjects politics, inferring the democrat party will save us? Who has been in charge for the past 8 years? 90% of the republican party is a branch of the democrat party, and yet she does not see this? If you believe in this, why can't you believe in the NWO? The group of progressive/communists wishing to control the planet? Global warming, climate change, and eugenics are some of the major beliefs held by this group, the group backing & controlling Obama, Clinton, and Bush. I suggest things are much worse than you know, and for you not to realize that there is no republican party, on the democrat party, then you are not as intelligent as you think. How long do your gods (the democrat party) have to lie to you about disclosure, before you wake up?

  13. Sharon Queen says:

    Very good & enjoyable…I did c a video awhile back & it was a short one that just said….strange phenomenon, man embedded in wall…it was a brick wall & u could c his body was an old video, you could tell but that's all it was a real picture of him.I have also,heard people being abducted & came,back & healed with something they had…I saw a short video about a man, maybe it was in 1950s being stopped & an odd dressed man came up to his car & he told the man that I am you in the future……I took it as not him himself but us in the future….

  14. Heidi G says:

    Humans blink 15 to 20 times a minute. The dark journalist doesn't blink and Linda blinked over 60 times in one minute

  15. marc jodoin says:

    now they use that knowledge to manipulate us all with wi-fi everywhere and the new electric reading devices that produce microwaves many times every minute.

  16. i love ur shows!

  17. Mark says:

    Brilliant interview. I, as a viewer, appreciate Daniel allowing her to talk without being interrupted. She is a inquiring soul and a highly intelligent assessor of information. I hope she goes for another 25 years.

  18. Fred7777c says:

    Fascinating, compelling, and important guests. I want to thank you for your thoughtful and inquisitive questions. Finally, we have a new generation of relevant journalism.

  19. Gold Hunter says:

    "What's it all about………..Alphie". Being replaced by a less violent species would be an act of kindness. Human history has been one miserable bloody conflict after another with the very worst of the species always clubbing and clawing their way to the top.

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