List of ‘Collapse’ Medical Supplies



Here’s my list of Collapse medical supplies with natural remedies included (we should have these as back-ups or for first use supplies to save commercially made items!). Dr.Bones and I spend a lot of time and energy researching “back-up” plans for traditional medicine. We want YOU to have the knowledge to provide medical help if we have a collapse. I have planted over 60 different medicinal herbs in my raised beds and am learning how incredible natural remedies can be.

 List of ‘Collapse’ Medical Supplies

Collapse medical supplies:

oral antibiotics- may also include garlic oil, honey,cayenne,thyme oil,peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil as herbal alternatives or fresh garlic or ginger

OR if you can’t acquire Rx antibiotics, see our 4 part series that discusses antibiotics/their fish antibioticequivalents and how to use them, this is part one:

Antibiotics And Their Use in Collapse Medicine(tm), Part 1

antibiotic ointment and/or antibacterial herbal salve ( with calendula/tea tree oil/lavender oils)

multi size bandages- lots of these in several sizes, spot, knuckle, size 1×3 is great to cover most lacerations

ace bandages- 3 or 4

steri strips and butterfly bandages to close minor lacerations

TONS of gauze/dressings (sterile and non-sterile 4x4s)

include lots of “telfa” pads( non-adherent-so healing wounds won’t stick to the dressing) and a xeroform petroleum dressing (non stick)

ABD pads (usually 5×9) also called combine dressings
10×30 trauma dressing

tapes- include duct, adhesive and paper ( for adhesive tape allergies)

quality bandage scissor/trauma shear ( ALL METAL, the plastic handle ones break cutting jean material!)

Pliable fracture material

mole skin- for blisters


LOTS of nitrile gloves

a couple pair of sterile size 7 1/2 gloves

hand sanitizer

betadine swabs/wipes

BZK wipes-to clean hands/wounds

alcohol pads

masks- surgical(for sick people) and N-95s(for healthy people to keep them from getting sick!)

dermabond (Rx) OR super glue ( may burn the skin)

needle holder and sutures (2-0 nylon- don’t bother with 3-0 or smaller- higher the number=smaller the needle!)

curved kelley clamp ( to remove foreign objects from wounds)


several large safety pins

magnifying glass

pen light

tongue depressor(s)

clotting powders/dressings- cayenne ppepper powder may help minor bleeding

styptic pencil- minor bleeding

quality tourniquet- only use in severe bleeding that will stop with a major pressure dressing or clotting agents

olaes modular bandage or Israel bandage

blood stopper dressing (dressing with 2 kerlix attached for wrapping)


cravet triangle bandages

snake bit kit

rubber bag (hot water bottle)

Re-useable GEL packs- can be cooled OR heated


Fels naptha soap- to wash off poison Ivy,oak or sumac from skin and clothes (also a great clothes detergent)

dental kit- toothpicks, dental mirror, cotton-tip applicators, dental filling material ( commercial or mix zinc oxide powder and 2 drops clove oil), pill cups for mixing the dental filling,

baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and 2 drops of peppermint oil make a great gum treatment and toothpaste

extra essential clove oil (numbs dental pain when applied directly

Eye cup

eye wash

eye pads/eye patch

an Ear oil natural remedy ( usually has garlic oil and mullein oil)- use 2 warmed drops in the affected ear and place a cotton ball over the ear canal secured with paper tape, repeat 3 times daily.

claritin (non-drowsy antihistamine)- hay fever/allergies

benadryl ( drowsy antihistamine)-allergic reactions to stings/medication/food/contact with irritants/this is the other ingredient in tylenol PM! It really puts you to sleep at 50mg dose, but this is a better dose for serious allergic reactions!

epipen (Rx), if needed for serious allergic reactions


eucalyptus essential oil- also a decongestant and good for coughs ( direct or steam inhalation/ a good insect repellent

pain relievers/analgesics- aspirin (not for children) /Tylenol/ibuprofen

arnica essential oil/salve (great mixed with St.John’s Wort)- also an analgesic used externally in very dilute amounts (6-12 drops per ounce of carrier oil) see my articles ( on Natural Medical Kit:Essential oils. Great for bruises, joint and muscle pain, fracture pain, use ONLY on intact skin.

Other Analgesic Essential Oils -Consider 1 or 2 of these – lavender,chamomile,rosemary,eucalyptus, marjoram

Imodium-for diarrhea tx

hydrocortisone cream- anti-inflammatory, good for rashes

helichrysum essential oil- also anti-inflammatory and additionally an analgesic

Lip balm-I love carmex brand

zinc oxide cream-rashes and a sunscreen

zinc oxide powder medical grade- to mix with Clove bud essential oil, and make a temporary dental filling

Raw honey-externally for serious burns/internally mix with garlic oil for an antibiotic and sore throat tx

tea tree essential oil-antiseptic/antifungal/insect bite tx/burn tx

lavender essential oil-analgesic/antiseptic/calming effect for insomnia,stress/skin care-rashes and cuts

peppermint essential oil-respiratory and nasal congestion/Headache tx 1 drop to temples or inhale vapors/also good for digestive disorders/achy joints and muscle tx/ use 2 drops on toothbrush with baking soda

geranium essential oil- decreases bleeding when applied to wound/lowers blood sugar/burn tx /antibacterial

thieves blend essential oil- A mix of clove,lemon,cinnamon,eucalyptus and rosemary oils- Antibiotic/antiseptic/and a host of other actions.

chamomile tea bags- internally relaxing,headache tx and digestive problems/ external compress for burns,bee stings

ginger tea bags- internally good for nausea, stomachaches, digestive problems like gas and bloating, also good for motion sickness (crystallized ginger is an alternative, but weighs more)

echinacea/elderberry tea bags- supports immune system, decreases flu and cold duration

aloe vera

laxative tea bags- usually contains senna mixed with other herbs for a better flavor

powdered Gatorade-for rehydration drinks ( to tx dehydration)

multi-vitamins, extra vit c and zinc

With the above list you can treat:

colds/flu/cough/sore throat/lung congestion
aches and pains
allergies/allergic reactions
skin irritations and conditions
digestive upsets and nausea
bug bites/ bee stings/ contact dermatitis( poison ivy/oak/)
minor cuts. scrapes and lacerations-including suturing
headaches, sinus congestion
ear/eye/dental issues
stress and anxiety
oral hygiene and basic dental tx
surface disinfectant
insect repellent
and wash clothes!

I hope this helps, I have spent almost 2 years researching what would be really helpful and USEFUL in a collapse situation. Airways and ambu bags without a hospital to transfer the patient to, are mostly a waste of money. I would concentrate on the supplies you will need most and will likely be able use without too much training. Knowledge is power!

Nurse Amy

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  1. Tail-Gunner says:

    trying to lightly add to this list
    oil of oregano – kill virus an bacteria – local co-op
    cannabis – kill pain – local co-op
    I would get more bandages, this list seems too light for my taste, I’ve accidentally cut myself so many times, that I now learned to do Stitches. But there are other problems. What if you have things in your belt line agitating? Normal bandage won’t stop the scraping.

    Oh and speaking of scraping, I SUGGEST the awesome LED MIRROR and TOOTH SCRAPER KIT (no brand name go FIND it/them yourself) to remove the calcium deposits on teeth. Some people get calcium buildup on the back side of the teeth (usually lower) , NORMAL BRUSHING doesn’t prevent this for everyone!!!! I don’t care what DOCTORS say, hey they say fluoride is good and that’s POISON. Anyway, learn to use these tools both RIGHT and LEFT handed, at that point you COULD help other people clean their teeth if your so bold, and adept by self initiation. ;o) It’s FUN to have your teeth feel like a shiny perl, miserable if they feel like sandpaper – that’s a fact. At the same, if your not a doctor, I don’t suggest go in ripping at the gumline where there COULD be a HOLE in their tooth!! Be Careful. You know HOW to do it cause lets face it, holding those tools in your left and right hand for several years has made you ADEPT.

    Changing tune… Another thing I would add is a PACK of INCENSE, nothing beats it if your pooping in that 5 gallon bucket for the next 6 months. hahaha I like traditional antique shop incense … e.g. wildberries. Or even patchouli is grand to mask some horrid problems. Then again maybe you have land, and grow different flowers, you can make oils and other stuff so you don’t care…. ;o)

    One more thing would be WATER FILTER. I can walk (sure, walk, I’m riding my bike) to a RIVER (Yuck Sacramento River downstream) and get a 5 gallon bucket of water. I’ve DONE it already, half a day I can have all the water I want. PROBLEM, water is FILTHY.
    So really it don’t matter if it’s TOILET water, GET A FILTER. You do the math…

    Glad you said that about the SCISSORS. I HATE that. You know it’s really HARD to find some high end scissors locally. Maybe BID on them or something, I dunno. Mine even though I KNOW this problem, aren’t that great, however they WILL cut though jeans. LOL.. I can’t imagine why a First aid kit would even put a piece of JUNK like that in..

    Speaking of First Aid Kit.. Get the most expensive and wide collection of First Aid literature you can, get it in BOTH electronic and PAPER (when the lights go out) A small netbook PACKED with medical info can be INVALUABLE to people who are ALL TRAUMATIZED and grasping for answers. Sometimes my mind even when I ain’t upset can’t remember things, well, Electronic you can search. PAPER you can use when POWER is out. GET BOTH 50/50, and READ it, know CPR. don’t just pretend to know. Life isn’t perfect. There maybe so much Fat or Torn Skin from GUNSHOT you CANT FIND THEIR HEART. There is no first aid happiness there. You do the best you can and go drink a beer.

    Oh that’s right you do have some yeast, and stuff to make beer mead or wine?
    You don’t need BREAD to get Yeast, but if you HATE bread, there’s a purpose for it’s YEAST! ;o)

    Okay what else, only buy ALKALINE D cell “the copper top” batteries, because they are the kind you can use a 12 V battery and CAR Jumper Cables to re-charge them. e.g. hold the pos and neg cable on that little tiny battery making it spark everywhere until it WARMS up.
    You will find the batter will again be CHARGED. DANGER: CAUTION: WARNING: don’t over do it (let them cool off before REPEAT) or they will EXPLODE (Like a firecracker only, mostly noise, so keep away from eyes, and wear goggles and gloves if you whine when your knuckles get torn. The PHYSICS is, Battery is designed to Open a small Hole and Release the Pressure, SO it CAN damage your eye, wear glasses. (hear me arguing with myself?)) — old trick I learned from guy stationed in Germany back in 70’s. After a nasty internal argument I decided to share this info (WHICH IS NOT ON THE SEARCH ENGINES YET!!! Note: unless I put it there once before, and I have SEARCHED for it, nope I don’t see it, SO BUY Jumper Cables then, that’s how you connect it to your CAR) Oh by the way the VW with a 6 VOLT battery works too. again don’t over do it.. Can’t Stress this ;o) Slow down, take your time.

    Other than that plant Oregano (the real one) Lavender, peppers, thyme, onions, you know.. no GMO, get adept at getting the BUGS off the flowers without CHEMICALS ;o)

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