LIVE: G20 summit starts in Hangzhou: Arrivals and opening ceremony


The leaders of the Group of Twenty (G20) are due to open the 2016 summit in in Hangzhou on Sunday, September 4. The G20 summit is due to take place in the …


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  1. Truthseeker says:

    When I was younger, there is a movie called "Gattaca". In it are retro cars with modern engines. This is Chinese boss version.

  2. Obama passed in front of Chinese face while the others go on the back after shake hand. Great Obama!

  3. Robert Lewis says:

    China and USA is the best

  4. Ydgg Hdhdg says:

    mr president jokowidodo to much handsome. ..

  5. Ydgg Hdhdg says:

    I love indonesia. ..

  6. Phan Bahadur says:

    very good arrivals welcome, I like China. when our flag waving & our leader walking in red carpet like this ceremony. very shame to our idle leaders, a Nepalese citizen.

  7. plah pla pla says:

    warum macht erdogan so ein bukel? get es im nicht gut?

  8. lin简单爱 says:


  9. lin简单爱 says:


  10. lin简单爱 says:


  11. vikeyz1 says:

    Shithole of subcontinental proportion . hope one day india and paksitan nuke each other to death. Mean and cowardly castist degenerate elite fucking scum of the earth . good for nothing cunts killing and opressing dalits and bahujan on the basis of racist ideology caste supremacism

  12. 史瑞 says:


  13. Him I am kyrgyz girl. We love China and jaki chang

  14. From 28:00 .. lol He probably thinks it is just like his own country where shootings take place everywhere… Nice armed humvee!

  15. 楊浩 says:

    Abe face lol, just like go to the enemy country

  16. food says:

    what brand car are those the Chinese provided cars

  17. Thumbs up?? for china wish a prosperous & successful many years to come ?

  18. wingingful says:

    Wow muerica, wow Obama. What a gentleman

  19. who's that first guy?

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